• Divided We Stand
    Divided We Stand

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    Our heroes are divided into two camps. Reds and Blues will fight brother against brother. Everyone must choose sides.

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    Divided We Stand

  • Geeky Holidays
    Geeky Holidays

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    Captain Ribman

    Have a super holiday season!

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    Geeky Holidays

rivuns 1 hours ago
Although neither of these designs so it for me both are good. My one thought is why Batman and Superman are present on a clearly marvel themed shirt. Very creative none-the-less. Additionally for all the people complaining about shipping time, you should be aware as it has always been about a week to print and then, depending where you live, up to 5 weeks for transport. I live in Canada and have only has 1 shirt arrive late... And it was only 1 day late.
carbonpaper 1 hours ago
I tried to use the code TFCT15 for my order, and it did not work. Fake codes are bad to give out.
Drizan 1 hours ago
Probably tried to do it on the daily tee.
Mit Nilknoc 2 hours ago
I'm enjoying my sweaters just fine.

For the first time.

Since I ordered them last year.

And they didn't get here until after Christmas.

So overjoyed.

Marta Pires 3 hours ago
I ordered on 11/18 for a party we have this coming Saturday, 12/5. I usually don't mind waiting for things like this, but I do wish that there had been some kind of disclaimer or just information about shipping time when I placed my order (aside from the info about the 3-7 business day for printing), so I could have made an informed decision, or other arrangements just in case. I still have some hope that it will get here before Saturday....
Katlynbug12 3 hours ago
Looking over all of the comments about printing and shipping times, I'm starting to get worried that my order will not arrive in time. I only placed my order on Nov 22, but at the time I figured that would be plenty of time for them to arrive. Do you guys have any idea when my Ugly Sweaters will be printed and shipped? I would really like to have them before Christmas so that my family and I can wear them to our Christmas parties.
danielstee32 3 hours ago
I bought my ugly sweaters on November 12 and they still haven't shipped. Probably haven't been printed either. 
ZineAFC 3 hours ago
I placed an order on 11/16 and I still haven't received word from you guys or the two tickets that I've submitted, I really wanted to order some more shirts but I don't feel encouraged by the process in which you guys handle your orders.
lteasdal 5 hours ago
Ordered my ugly sweaters three weeks ago on 11/9...any clue when that batch will be sent out? We are doing Christmas cards with these and were hoping to send them out before Christmas gets here!
tardomatic 4 hours ago
Good luck with that.
broknsword 5 hours ago
Trying to be understanding here TeeFury, but I'm not real happy that my order from 11/10 STILL has not shipped. What good are these Christmas sweaters to me in January??? Already missed them for one Xmas party and have another coming fast. >:(
TeeFury Staff 5 hours ago
Hi broknsword! We're bummed to hear this - our team will be reaching out to you!
danielstee32 3 hours ago
I ordered my ugly sweaters on November 12 and still have not received an email about any update to my order.
tardomatic 4 hours ago
Yeah, all the "cyber" sales have a point, they are Christmas shopping. That means if they do not arrive before THIS Christmas, they are pretty much pointless. There needs to be a hard order deadline, at which point any order is guaranteed to ship X days before xmas (where X is the normal transit time, plus a day or two).
tony8669 5 hours ago
Is there any way to get a tracking number for an order that has supposedly been shipped?  "Package last seen in no location available" isn't very comforting.  Not complaining, I just like to stay on top of things.  More mash-ups please!
TeeFury Staff 5 hours ago
Hey tony8669! We'll be creating a support ticket for you so that we can get this sorted out :)
timotheus24 6 hours ago
I ordered a Sith & Sabers shirt on 11/2 and just got it yesterday.  Teefury did send me an update saying that they are updating and improving their processes (translation:  we're growing faster than anticipated and are trying to catch up), so expect that to be part of the issue as well.

Sit tight, you'll get your shirts.  Maybe not when you want them, but you'll get them.  Teefury does not guarantee a delivery time since they have to custom print all orders, especially from the gallery.
tardomatic 4 hours ago
Selling explicitly holiday-themed shirts is an implicit statement on the part of tee fury that they will arrive in time for them to be appropriate. Given their current shipping speed, they should have advertised holiday shirts in July, perhaps.
MRender 3 hours ago
I think you'll find that the same holidays come EVERY YEAR so there's more than one chance to wear holiday designs.
The theme of a design is not an implied promise (I don't know what you think an implicit statement is) of anything except that they will sell you a short with that design on it.
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