Gojira Noir
Gojira Noir
Gojira Noir

Gojira Noir

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Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
Every morning as I ninja my way past the cats, I see 2 things I love - the classic Le Chat Noir poster hanging in the hallway, followed by one of my Godzilla figures I have on display. I felt it only made sense to make a timeless monsterous mash up!
Who are you?
My friends call me 'Cloak or Sal - I'm some dude from Chicago who likes to conjure up creatures, creepy things, superheroes & whatever else! Currently residing in the Frozen Dead North with beasts of claws & fangs (dogs n' cats) and my other half
Any shout outs?
Yes! Shouts out to my kick butt partner in crime, Mia, my family, sister Vikinga! The Draw or Die crew, my Incision pals, the Conundrum Collective and also mad props to Cthulhu for rocking them tentacles with style. Skreeeaaaaaawwwrrgh-gronk!

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