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Gallifrey Argyle
by MJ 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jun.02
Gallifrey Argyle
Gallifrey Argyle
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Nicholas Soune More than 1 year ago
StarBeast said: man.. dr who again. That smurfsWeird that the TeeFury word filter changes 'a-w-e-some' into 'smurfs' It also does not like the word 'c-loud' changes it into FluffySpam
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
I just wanted to chime in that I also am loving the anti-Who comment moderation, and that I also wish the argyle pattern were available either as a larger/full size design and/or on something other than a t-shirt, since I think it's a neat (and somewhat subtle) pattern, but not in its current application. (And I agree Rose looks kind of funny in the other shirt, I only deduced her identity based on the rose (flower) below her.)
Lauren Umbarger More than 1 year ago
Really loving the argyle but I wish it was all over the whole shirt instead of just a centered block in the middle. If it was all over the whole shirt I'd have to own it. Both great designs:)
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
I REALLY want the Dr. R in black. That would look so good with black.I am on the fence with getting it in these colors.
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
man.. dr who again. That smurfs
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
MollyP said: You can read the rules here. How PC of You?
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
croooow said: Who? What? Where?
Tracey Meadows More than 1 year ago
While I'm not a Whovian, I am a Hortonist, and as such honor his doctrine...(paraphrased for the obvious connection) 'a [Who] is a person, no matter how small.' Personally, I think all the Who shirts should make the less able to buy non-Who fans happy. I know I can go 'oh, it's Dr. Who, not into that, I can save my money! Fabulous art, though.' Although, the argyle one made me consider...That's super clever. I'm just glad we have a site like Teefury & that great artists can contribute and be compensated for their talent. Much love!
Amber Hughes More than 1 year ago
Looks like TeeFury staff is editing out the Who-hate posts today? Thank you! Not a fan myself, but nice looking designs today! Especially like the Rorschach one. :)
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
I think it would be really cool if the argyle one was a sweater i would totally were that