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Oh my, I love that! I, also, especially love the tree on the right. Very nice. -


  • Puni said 308 weeks ago

    !! awesome!
    But, I think it's too girly for me? D:
    but I really do like this. [:
  • 2thFairy said 308 weeks ago

    Wow!! Gorgeous!
  • Silent-t said 308 weeks ago

    Very pretty, but the wing doesn't seem to match the style of the body quite; it's a lot more solid whereas the body is a little more... delicate? Hard vector shapes versus soft ones. A nice change from the skulls at least though.
  • peppersagooddog said 308 weeks ago

    wow thats really pretty.
    i wish there were more shirts of this calliber at every site.
  • zeninja said 308 weeks ago

    love all of your work. completely agree with peppersagooddog
  • Cmain said 308 weeks ago

    Beautiful stuff.
  • gambit07 said 308 weeks ago

    wow, that girl to the right is incredibly striking
  • heartluce said 308 weeks ago

    Beautiful art!
  • googooww said 308 weeks ago

    i agree with silent-t in that we really do need a break from skulls. a long break. the hummingbird is beautiful!
  • SleepyReagan said 308 weeks ago

    great image!
  • Olechka said 308 weeks ago

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  • AlvinPing said 308 weeks ago

    Awesome print Olechka! Also, your Hugh Laurie illustration is brilliant
  • lceruleanl said 308 weeks ago

    Beautiful illustration, I love your other works too. Congrates!
  • almondroca said 308 weeks ago

    Just visualize the *skull* of the hummingbird.
  • thesamw1se said 308 weeks ago

    I actually liked the way the wings are done. it gives the design a sense of motion. Hummingbirds are always full of activity and energy. The portrayal definitely brings it out to my eye. Well done.
  • Blanch1000 said 308 weeks ago

    Not sure if I'm going to get this (I don't look so good in white), but I created an account to, at the very least, say how awesome I think this design is. Wow.
  • matt2kool said 308 weeks ago

    wow thats really pretty.
    i wish there were more shirts of this calliber at every site.

    my thoughts exactly. I wish it was on a different color shirt, but I think I'm still gonna get one. cause that is a sexy hummingbird.
  • justmepkp said 308 weeks ago

    Love the shirt. Great job on "House" as well :)

    Okay, tee fury, you said "international shipping" in a week, about 3 weeks ago - when can we expect it (please)?

  • suzysottomatic said 308 weeks ago

    Love it, bought it. Would like your dandelion pulling his seeds (hair) out too.
  • curb1510 said 308 weeks ago

    Canada seconds the words of "justmepkp"...will you keep us informed if this week doesn't work out.
  • kiwitrouble said 308 weeks ago

    They were talking about this one over at woot. I'm a sucker for bird stuff and since the artist is from my home state I couldn't pass it up. I love the colors in this shirt. I know I'm going to get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it.
  • venomchris said 308 weeks ago

    this blows
  • matt2kool said 308 weeks ago

  • thallium said 308 weeks ago

    This is beautiful!
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