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This looks really cool, and it's a really different style for teefury. Nice job. -


  • peppersagooddog said 295 weeks ago

    nope i got nothin.
    grats on getting printed.
  • Ahane said 295 weeks ago

    I like the design. Different style than the solid colors we've been seeing.
  • TheiPodGuru said 295 weeks ago

    I'm really undecided whether I should buy this or not. So much is of me is leaning towards yes, and so much of me is leaning towards "wait for a better one." It's definitely something a little different than the ordinary TeeFury, but I dunno yet.
    If I do decide to buy it, it will be in the next few minutes.
  • TheiPodGuru said 295 weeks ago

    Wow, I sounded like a jackass. It's a great shirt. I just don't know if it's something I would look good in.
  • almondroca said 295 weeks ago

    Nice! And like this design, your City Letraset tee is also a detailed piece of work.
  • snarkygal said 295 weeks ago

    Congrats on the printing.
  • zeninja said 295 weeks ago

    great shirt. so glad to see something out of the ordinary teefury stuff that looks so cool
  • simplysped said 295 weeks ago

    This shirt is so awesome! Why does it have to be on green shirt!?! I wish it was white/black/grey or something darker. Then I would totally be in for a couple.
  • ssb said 295 weeks ago

    i'd get it if not for the green
  • Arrow said 295 weeks ago

    I've always been impressed with your work. Keep with it!
  • SleepyReagan said 295 weeks ago

    Awesome! I love robots! My first teefury purchase, I hope it fits! ;)
  • wotto said 295 weeks ago

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    awesome work as always Aliadotony
  • curb1510 said 295 weeks ago

    Absolutely in for one if I lived in the States. Love the design.
  • Schrobblehead said 294 weeks ago

    Now THAT is old-school. I really like the colors for the mens' shirt.
  • 2thFairy said 294 weeks ago

    I really like "Revolution 7.7" on your website.
  • mathiole said 294 weeks ago

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    i'm your fan dude!
  • homebodyshai said 294 weeks ago

    I would LOVE to buy this one! :'<
    But I'm b-r-o-k-e (for now)
    I wish I could just not look!
  • bleou said 294 weeks ago

    AAHHHH! it's SO perfect! i'm in love with robots. i think this is tee number 4 for me? something like that. i'm so stoked! what a great way to begin a friday!
  • hoogs said 294 weeks ago

    love the pop-arty feel. first teefury purchase for me :)
  • schloo said 294 weeks ago

    this is fabulous! first teefury purchase for me, i have a few of his shirts from somewhereelse as well! This guy ROCKS!
  • Sam Hain said 294 weeks ago

    This is a cool shirt just for the weirdness of it. I think I've seen 20,000 shirt designs online in the last couple years and it's rare to see something that doesn't look like gobs of other designs. This one is really growing on me. I have a feeling I'll have decided in favor of it by 9 tonight. Nice work, Aliadotony!
  • Logantarian said 294 weeks ago

    This is my fourth TeeFury shirt, although the first was actually for a friend. Still, love the site, keep up the good work!
  • robbielee said 294 weeks ago

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    Beautiful! In 4 1!