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TeeFury No1 Heartbreak


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  • jjhappypants said 308 weeks ago

    Very nice, simple design. I like it.
  • JadenKale said 308 weeks ago

    hmmm looks like a Teefury logo night. Great job on the logo, Lane.
  • Actionmax said 308 weeks ago

    2 bad shirts in a row
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 308 weeks ago

    Awwwww... sweet.
  • superspryte said 308 weeks ago

    It's kinda cute.
  • James said 308 weeks ago

    I am so buying this. The only thing I dislike is that on the guy's shirt it looks like the heart is broken because of the black. On the girls, you can see its a bit different.
  • nix said 308 weeks ago

    Really want this.
  • nix said 308 weeks ago

    Really want this.
  • gambit07 said 308 weeks ago

    haha cool shirt, I'm wondering though is the tee you will be sending out to the first 500 people who had stuff mis shipped?
  • SilverTerv said 308 weeks ago

    what's not to like? clarity and brevity rule!
  • YutFree said 308 weeks ago

    The guy's shirt definitely feels more bleak.
  • Silent-t said 308 weeks ago

    It's cute.
    At least all the websites listed as inspiration are actually linked to now, and I don't have to copy/paste them into my address bar. Only took a month to get that right. ;)
  • peppersagooddog said 308 weeks ago

    well since its every month, i hope next month i can get the dead bird of a sold out shirt. man that would be awesome. hint hint.
  • 2thFairy said 308 weeks ago

    No doubt. Is this the "first 500" freebie shirt or is that one to be of a different style?
  • Fuzzy Ink said 308 weeks ago

    James, I believe the heart is supposed to be broken on the men's shirt. At least that's what it shows on the design to the right.
  • 2thFairy said 308 weeks ago

    Congrats on a great first 30 days Tee Fury!!
  • James said 308 weeks ago

    I agree that its suppose to be broken, just looks nicer imo on the womens.
  • jesuschrist said 308 weeks ago

    Hello everyone - thanks for the kind words - a few clarificaiton points

    1. This design is NOT the design the first 500 orders are getting - the first 500 orders are getting the bird logo only center chest.

    2. Yes the mens tee shows a broken grey dead heart and the womens tee shows whole heart full of love and yearning.

    So possibly the image to the right can be interpreted as if the female left the nest and left the sad grey male heartbroken and took his heart and trampled it under her feet - however she still feels love for him, but is not IN love with him. I am going to cry now.
  • 2thFairy said 308 weeks ago

    Or the female is there to comfort the heartbroken male. You know how we fems are suckers for sob stories. heh.
  • Shirts on Sale said 308 weeks ago

    True that, 2thFairy. I've shed a tear for you, Layne, as you've obviously been hurt recently.

    Congrats on 30 wonderful days. We at Shirts on Sale can't wait to see what the next 30 will bring (and the next 30...and the next 30...and the -- you get the idea).
  • Fuzzy Ink said 308 weeks ago

    Layne, it's not your's not your's not your fault...
  • Jessa said 308 weeks ago

    Well, we all know women "fill their little worlds right up with love". :)

    I wonder if Layne really does have a sob story? ;]
  • Fuzzy Ink said 308 weeks ago

    Jessa, just gained some respect for you with a Feeling reference. Now I have to go and listen to it.
  • cardinalgoldstein said 308 weeks ago

    And we know the tweetey with the red heart is a
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