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I like how the tiger was drawn. Green eyes :) -


  • TheiPodGuru said 309 weeks ago

    I like tigers. I will consider buying this.
  • 2thFairy said 309 weeks ago

    Congrats Artulo! Nice job.
  • JadenKale said 309 weeks ago

    yay Artulo!!!!!! grats man!
  • Schrobblehead said 309 weeks ago

  • eyeslikesugar said 309 weeks ago

    Yaaay Artulo! Very nice. I thought I'd seen this before. =)
  • stonebraker said 309 weeks ago

    I'd soooo buy this shirt...


    yiff motherfucking yiff
  • Silent-t said 309 weeks ago

    Wow, super symmetry.
  • Happensix said 309 weeks ago

    Much Dig. I love the colors on black.
    Broke down and it's my first tee off here.
  • 2thFairy said 309 weeks ago

    I'm still hoping for the mice to be printed sometime soon.
  • kstein said 309 weeks ago

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    Congratulations Artulo! Shirt looks great!
  • mia3mom said 309 weeks ago

    congrats on the print, artulo!

    I'm hoping for the airplanes someday...
  • James said 309 weeks ago

    I really want this, but don't know if I need another t-shirt...I've bought like 15 from DBH and 3 from here...decisions decisions. Will consider in the afternoon.
  • Fuzzy Ink said 309 weeks ago

    I also love the paper airplane design.
  • inan said 309 weeks ago

    another tiger shirt?
    but i have so many
    but i love tigers
    so i'll add another one to my collection
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 309 weeks ago

    Not really a style I would wear but kudos on getting a shirt here. Love your other stuff.
  • Arrow said 309 weeks ago

    Nice, simple is good. Hope the paper [plane gets picked up on uneetee soon!
  • Stexe said 309 weeks ago

    Huh, I thought you had to wait a while before you could have a shirt from woot published on another website... this is the same design that was featured in the pixel contest (minus the pixelation).

    Still, good work, just a little confused...
  • artulo said 309 weeks ago

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    Thanks everyone for the nice comments and those that bought a shirt! I'll put up some links on my porfolio site about the other work you see here.
  • ChrisRisse said 309 weeks ago

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    Keri loves Tigers... She will love wearing this shirt.
  • spastasticnomadic said 309 weeks ago

    The paper plane design would be fabulous.
  • meCalvin said 309 weeks ago

    Great design, I own to many black shirts already, and this doesn't pop out as my style so I will pass. I love the paper design one though. Keep up the great work.

    PS: I got my first TeeFury shirt in today, and I was scared of how it would fit cuz I like the "vintage or slim" fit, and it is AWESOME. I will be buying much more in the future.
  • Andy47240 said 309 weeks ago

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    Atta Boy Artulo. You did an awesome job with this.
  • ansharp said 309 weeks ago

    @ Stexe: This design was originally submitted in this non-pixelated version many, many moons ago. I believe this version is beyond the 60-day hold, and it is significantly different enough from the pixel version that Artulo can legally take it elsewhere.

    Still debating whether to buy it for myself, my dad, or both of us.. ;)
  • cobalt said 309 weeks ago

    Congrats on being printed!
    I want the rat one in the sidebar, heh!