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Very cool. I've never been a skull fan, so this isn't for me, but I LOVE the elephant and bears. Great job! -


  • curb1510 said 310 weeks ago

    Clearly the artist is talented and the shirt is well crafted. I was just hoping for a little more simplicity on of these days.

    Congrats all the same!
  • nix said 310 weeks ago

    Nice, not gonna buy another yet. Already got 2 and they are GREAT quality.
  • Olechka said 310 weeks ago

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    I like the men's version better!!
  • Drifter said 310 weeks ago

    Incredible! Absolutely love it!

    Tee Fury's got some serious talent on here.
  • 2thFairy said 310 weeks ago

    Wow! If you haven't checked out his website yet, you really should. Amazing!
  • jesuschrist said 310 weeks ago

    Alex Fuentes is such an AMAZING artist, we are lucky to have him here! Here is a progress sketch from this design which Alex just recently created for the FURY!

    Click the image to check out a larger version at Flickr

  • matt2kool said 310 weeks ago

    another shirt I would buy if it weren't for the skull

    nice print though. definitely like it better on the grey/silver.
  • heartluce said 310 weeks ago

    Your art is incredible. Love your portfolio.
  • Arrow said 310 weeks ago

    You are seriously skilled! I gotta say you make me want to break new ground, challenge myself more. Inspiring. Congrats.
  • peppersagooddog said 310 weeks ago

    this one is close but no cigar for me sorry
    GREAT elephant though
  • Hopey said 310 weeks ago

    This guy is jaw-droppingly talented. More Alex Fuentes, please!
  • tolagunestro said 310 weeks ago

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  • atomicchild said 310 weeks ago

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    nice print....this is a great illo/design
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 310 weeks ago

    Oh, I have to have this one. I'm not usually big on skulls, but this one doesn't take away from the overall design at all, in fact I think it adds a bit of thrill to the whole look. I could spend a fortune here in a very short time.
  • wotto said 310 weeks ago

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    You are one talented artist. I love your work and congratulations on this very nice print.
  • chinasaur said 310 weeks ago

    amazing artwork
    im not a fan of the skull
    i love love love the elephant
    great work
  • songbabe said 310 weeks ago

    Awsome art work! Love it! Just can't figure out if your portrait in your profile is a tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary or a mockary?
  • Reliique said 310 weeks ago

    Oh sweet jesus, now where da hell is international shipping? Been around 2 weeks without rest of the world buying, guys?
  • jeffviejo said 310 weeks ago

    I'm MSG Jeffrey Sanchez, currently Deployed at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
    I was wondering if you have anything showing Military action.
    We are an Army controlled Camp, we support all your Army Divisions
    who are sent North into Iraq, so your looking at: Aviation, Tankers, Transportation, Artillary, Infantry, Airborn, SAPER (explosive experts), Special Forces, you name it weve got it.
    We also have Airforce, NAVY, Marines, British Army, Astrailan Army,
    Salvadoreno Army, weve got Forces from all over the world here
    I like your T-shirts, would be nice to have some with Military action
    with a base Camp name on it, This is "Operation Iragi Freedom"
    Thank You for your time
    MSG Jeffrey Sanchez
    Fleet Manager
    311th ESC Task Force Titan
    APO AE 09330
  • jeffviejo said 310 weeks ago

    This is MSG Jeffrey Sanchez again, I apoligize for not giving an e-mail address, here are ways you can get ahold of me:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • matt2kool said 310 weeks ago

    wow this one is selling fast. almost half gone since midnight.
  • taddict said 310 weeks ago

    very talented artist
  • sheyrakelley said 310 weeks ago

    It would be an understatement to say that this guy is talented... you can really tell he gets into his work. His style goes beyond the typical lets-put-as-much-photorealistic-detail-into-it-as-possible. I'm impressed.
  • sleimanbs said 310 weeks ago

    very very nice design!
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