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awesome man congrats -


  • true_one said 310 weeks ago

    yes this is a nice one for both men and women :) and this will be my second turquoise color aside from the j3concepts one :) thanks tee fury nice design
  • Pearls To Pigs said 310 weeks ago

    i like the shirt color. i hope this does well for you.
  • peppersagooddog said 310 weeks ago

    cool design, but i like this one better >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • JadenKale said 310 weeks ago

    I wish it weren't on turquoise. I love the piece overall though. And I agree with pep. The mechanical animals would have been a nice piece to get.
  • AdderXYU said 310 weeks ago

    Why do I so badly want a shirt I know I'll probably never wear?

    Great design, man... I'll have to sleep on it. And yeah, your sample work at the side is pretty own-ass as well
  • MJ said 310 weeks ago

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    Great shirt, just got mine!

    Pepper, that shirt just got named the shirt of the month for people in anothersite's 12 Month Club. Lucky them...
  • Silent-t said 310 weeks ago

    Cool concept, although I don't really like the style of illustration for this particular imagery - it's too solid for outer space and stars. Still neat though.
  • James said 310 weeks ago

    I usually find annoying the people who say one of the side images is better, but I do agree that the mechanical animals looks awesome. I also really like this shirt, may purchase...decide tomorrow.
  • peppersagooddog said 310 weeks ago

    those basta.... oh yeah lucky them :(
  • Hopey said 310 weeks ago

    This was too interesting to pass up. Nice job, guys.
  • kstein said 310 weeks ago

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    Love this shirt! A definite buy from me!
  • morgan8885 said 310 weeks ago

    Awesome shirt! I really like all of your designs. I would totally wear this, but I've bought enough shirts for myself. I'm getting this one for my best friend and he'll love it! :D
  • 4Sevens said 310 weeks ago

    Really nice. I'm not usually an advocate of novelty inks for the sake of novelty, but some glow-in-the-dark would've worked well with the comets and stars. I love all the designs to the right >>
  • narkus said 310 weeks ago

    love the mechanical animals and he animal balloons. would love to have both of those on a t.
  • Silent-t said 310 weeks ago

    Oh! Props to designers from Toronto! Go Leafs Go! :D
  • eyeslikesugar said 310 weeks ago

    Yep. This'll be my first purchase. Nice =D
  • jesuschrist said 310 weeks ago

    Opiphan is awesome - for those who love the animal balloons - you'll have to wait until anothersite reprints ;(

  • mr. sky said 310 weeks ago

    cool, another opifan shirt to add to my collection. it really looks amazing... so amazing, I had to buy 3.

  • opifan64 said 310 weeks ago

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    Oh cool, it's up. Thanks so much everyone!

    ^ and thanks layne... you guys are awesome too! :)
  • daveconrey said 310 weeks ago

  • ry4nsm1th said 310 weeks ago

    Pretty cool, congrats.
  • ocean1009 said 310 weeks ago

    love the victorian contraptions feel of this :) wish it was on black/grey though..
  • wotto said 310 weeks ago

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    Opi man I am sooo glad this finally printed, good work. You deserve this print.
  • Frickinawesome said 310 weeks ago

    Woah, didn't realize it was going to print so close to when Eric got the confirmation! Opifan did a tremendous job on a very open-ended concept I had for the Mae contest over at anothersite and humanized and summed up the whole concept in such an odd yet completey soothing and mystifying way. At first it was going to be giant cockroaches and other insects dressed in the fashions of the 19th century, but luckily Eric listened to me about changing it up to ladies and gentleman! It's so nice to see more Opifan prints in circulation and I can't wait for more both here at teefury and beyond!
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