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wow! great shirt... might have to buy ;) -


  • AdderXYU said 311 weeks ago

    Lots of good stuff here, but not my bag really.

    However, if the bug thing off to the side has been printed/ever does get printed, I'd buy.the.hell out of it
  • true_one said 311 weeks ago

    i like the girls versions better :)
  • heartluce said 311 weeks ago

    Congrats on the print! I also must agree I love the bugs.
  • interpol said 311 weeks ago

    true that true_one. i like the colors better.
  • eyeslikesugar said 311 weeks ago

    Very pretty! I'm seriously considering this as my first TeeFury purchase =) I love la mer.
  • gambit07 said 311 weeks ago

    the girls one is 10 times better :/
  • Aspect said 311 weeks ago

    where did all the detail go when you drew the ships?
  • Arrow said 311 weeks ago

    Very cool design(s). Congrats on the print!
  • James said 311 weeks ago

    Much prefer the gal's.
  • atomicchild said 311 weeks ago

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    congrats man
  • ForceEight said 311 weeks ago

    i'll almost absolutely be buying. aside from the very good artwork, it's hard to pass up a silver shirt!
  • hasdgfas said 311 weeks ago

    Needs a more colorful guys shirt. Otherwise, I do quite like it.
  • doyoung2win said 311 weeks ago

    yeah the silver looks less lively for such a great design. I think if you were going for white silver and grey you should have made more contrast with white such as in your animals drawing -->
  • daveconrey said 311 weeks ago

    Nice illustration, but not something I would wear.
  • ocean1009 said 311 weeks ago

    beautifully drawn, love the detail. From far away it doesn't look like much though, like maybe it could have been an ocean wave or a sea serpent or something..
  • Reliique said 311 weeks ago

    Great detail, great illustration, but should be colored
  • JadenKale said 311 weeks ago

    great job! you always do so well with animal collages. I remember the Elvis piece. This one is great as well.
  • matt2kool said 311 weeks ago

    the colors on the girls shirt go much better with the design, I still might buy one though.
  • principal said 311 weeks ago

    girls shirt is much better. guys shirt is a little colorless and bland. nice design though
  • kstein said 311 weeks ago

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    Love your bug design! Is that one available elsewhere?
  • Bryan818 said 311 weeks ago

    Jeez! we got the whole woot crowd!
  • ry4nsm1th said 311 weeks ago

    That is awesome, but yea the girl's is much better.
  • wotto said 311 weeks ago

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    congrats on the print ste7en.
  • crissyw said 311 weeks ago

    congrats, it's a nice design, but yeah, not my style :)
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