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  • DeAtHRaZe said 311 weeks ago

    Awesome I wanted this shirt printed on uneetee but this is great! Awesome stuff!
  • wotto said 311 weeks ago

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    very very nice
  • heartluce said 311 weeks ago

    I like it, also the blue on powder blue.
  • Arrow said 311 weeks ago

    Hey cool, they printed it!
    Reminds me of the Matrix.
  • heartluce said 311 weeks ago

    How do these fit in comparison to AA sizewise?
  • gambit07 said 311 weeks ago

    awesome! I'm still waiting on my first shirt to come in to see how they fit so I can't get one yet but I like it, and I like the dragon one, I think it was on dbh a little while back
  • melty said 311 weeks ago

    I know... It's a thinking cap that sprouted legs/tentacles and made it's own way. "Stupid human - never remembers to put me on anymore. I got this though."

    Well done!
  • Tender Branson said 311 weeks ago

    Sweet design man
  • AdderXYU said 311 weeks ago

    First buy here... just hope I can rock powder blue

    Totally sweet design, though
  • AhemAhem said 311 weeks ago

    WTG The_JCW! I love the art. Looks like I'll have to spend next week's lunch money on tonight's shirt again. Arg!
  • mia3mom said 311 weeks ago

    gorgeous design. couldn't pass it up, even if I rarely wear this color. love the designs in the sidebar too.

    @ heartluce: these are preshrunk, but fit similar to AA after shrinkage (already received jimiyo's hope shirt)
  • James said 311 weeks ago

    This is one I will be buying!
  • Aspect said 311 weeks ago

    i bought it. i like it a lot because of the placement, simplistic colors, and shear randomness--thats what makes good art. thanks for the awesome tee!
  • DrSpoq said 311 weeks ago

    I've been lurking here for a while.. This is the first tshirt I've bought here. Friggin awesome job! :)
  • heartluce said 311 weeks ago

    Thanks mia! So would I get the same size I usually buy? I definitely am buying :)
  • morgan8885 said 311 weeks ago

    This has completely caught me off guard. This is unlike anything I would ever imagine myself buying or wearing, but I just love the design! Congratulations from a fellow Illinoisian. This will be my first purchase here. I hope to see more of your work. :)
  • JadenKale said 311 weeks ago

    I am reminded of the sentinels in the Matrix. I want it because it's squid/octopus like, but I don't know if I want it due to the robotic angle. Give me a little time. I've got a couple hours to decide.
  • jesuschrist said 311 weeks ago

    I know there have been lots of questions about sizing and fit etc. - I just updated the size chart with a medium tee I shrank as much as I possible could with really hot water and a really hot dryer. If you do have a doubt then please order a size up, we will have a hard time replacing or exchanging your size since we tend to sell out.
  • bleou said 311 weeks ago

    yay! shirt #2 ordered for me! i'm ridiculously stoked to receive this shirt. spectacular design!
  • heartluce said 311 weeks ago

    Thanks Layne. I ordered a size up as in AA to be safe. Sweet design!
  • moser said 311 weeks ago

    Another DBH tee submission? Do you guys select them from DBH's thing or something?

    No complaints though... love the affordable tees
  • chrissehh said 311 weeks ago

    Niiiiiiiice design, super creative :D
    -bought one-
    This shirt's going out faast too.
  • jesuschrist said 311 weeks ago

    Another DBH tee submission? Do you guys select them from DBH's thing or something?

    Actually I think this was on and was posted in the forum
  • Arrow said 311 weeks ago

    yea, it's a uneetee tee. Glad it got picked up for print here.
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