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Conference of the Batmen


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After yesterday's shirt, I'm disappointed. It is designed nicely, but not my style and not a BatMan fan. -


  • peppersagooddog said 313 weeks ago

    yeah but i lol'ed and i know you did too.
  • jesuschrist said 313 weeks ago

    Oh don't worry James - you only have to wait 24 hours for the next one!
  • joey said 313 weeks ago

    Looks like "The Fury" will cover all genres! Right on!

    Good job Tom

  • Drifter said 313 weeks ago

    Nice one Tom. Long live the West!
  • AhemAhem said 313 weeks ago

    Yep, best movie I've seen this year for sure. Definitely gonna have to get one of these.
  • AlvinPing said 313 weeks ago

    Not quite my style, but it's great to see another top notch designer here.

    I fear for the many charges from TEEFURY.COM on upcoming credit card statements.
  • jimmyheartcore said 313 weeks ago

    I just hors d'oeuvred one.
  • secer said 313 weeks ago

    If a model like her is wearing the shirt, then of course it looks good! Otherwise, it's not a very cool shirt. Who is the girl? She looks like Jessica Simpson - but WAY hotter!
  • jesuschrist said 313 weeks ago

    For those of you young bucks who have NO appreciation for Adam West, the you need to take a trip back to TV Land and get your retro education on.

    Holy exploding sharks Batman!! Batman fights a shark & wins!

  • siXsiXsiX said 313 weeks ago

    congrats :)
  • BadlyDrawnGuitar said 313 weeks ago

    What's the mayor of Quahog doing on a t-shirt?
  • tomburns said 313 weeks ago

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    sweet, looks good on the tees!
  • taddict said 313 weeks ago

    great work tom!
  • ready said 313 weeks ago

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    wow! great!
  • Pearls To Pigs said 313 weeks ago

    haha, nice timing for this one.
  • wotto said 313 weeks ago

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    congrats Tom.
  • b3nscott said 313 weeks ago

    hilarious! nice tom!
  • Arrow said 313 weeks ago

    Oceanic bat spray. hahaha Classic!
  • melty said 313 weeks ago

    I like some of Burns' other work in his portfolio, but this isn't really my style either. We'll see where TeeFury decides to go from here.
  • JugendJorge said 313 weeks ago

    That shirt is pretty good, i give it a B+. It coulda been an A if you had Adam West dressed up like a gangsta, throwin' up the double-u in the Tupac fashion. Damn, it coulda been an A+ had he been rollin' with Shug Knight, lookin' to blast some suckas on Crenshaw Blvd. Maybe next time...
  • Cwestman said 163 weeks ago

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    omg my last name is west