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Sumo Wrestler Vs. Monster Truck


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  • SteveOramA said 244 weeks ago

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    the greatest battle ever!
  • MoonNeko said 244 weeks ago

    I am loving this xD I like the t-shirt color better of the girl shirt though.
  • wickedlittledoll said 244 weeks ago

    Me gustan the whale skeletons
  • KyleMittskus said 244 weeks ago

    Very bizarre pairing. I don't like the depressed poster style though.
  • KyleMittskus said 244 weeks ago

    Now, that fossil shirt = WIN!
  • smoke44 said 244 weeks ago

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    teefury is the only daily product site that updates at exactly midnight. the other sites are so lazy
  • whhiitt said 244 weeks ago

    the t rex made me giggle
  • SilverTerv said 244 weeks ago

    Going to send this to my Khazak friend in Mongolia. He's quite proud of the Mongolian sumo wrestlers who consistently win in Japan. There will be a TeeFury shirt on the streets of UlaanBataar next summer! (Way too cold to wear it now.)
  • mixindj said 244 weeks ago

  • rileybby said 244 weeks ago

    Hahaha, time to coerce my mom into paying up.
  • mayaka said 244 weeks ago

    Such a great shirt! Love the style of the art.
  • okapishomapi said 244 weeks ago

    this is wonderful...and i especially like the side art. congrats!!
  • prattypus said 244 weeks ago

    Like the comp- but I do like it better on the navy for some reason. This one will have to wait til morning. Great Job!!
  • totallytubularJ said 244 weeks ago

    Wish the dudes shirt was navy :(

    T-Rex on the side bar is awesome!
  • ironpen said 244 weeks ago

    :O Truely beautiful
  • aayjay said 244 weeks ago

    Oh this is so awesome but I really like the T-rex. PRINT THAT and I will buy it.
  • junwagh said 244 weeks ago

    gahhh i want this shirt but I'm still waiting for a shirt I ordered last week to check out sizing on these tees so I know what to get in the future. Maybe one of you can help. I have an american apparel type shirt and wear a large with it. The length is just a bit too short for me but the rest of the shirt is perfect fit. What size shirt should I buy for this?
  • Panda said 244 weeks ago

  • Masebuster said 244 weeks ago

    Dark brown?! Why?!
  • Amelia said 244 weeks ago

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    Hey, thanks everyone for checking out my design & to those who have purchased it, I am psyched to have it up on teefury!
  • queso6p4 said 244 weeks ago

    That's a pretty good design.
  • seanrobot said 244 weeks ago

    Street Fighter "beat up car bonus stage" with ehonda!
  • Sirknifesalot said 244 weeks ago

    smoke44 said: teefury is the only daily product site that updates at exactly midnight. the other sites are so lazy

    The others do update at midnight. Just not midnight eastern standard time.

    Makes me wonder if the sumo wrestler and monster truck could tag team against Godzilla and Gamera from yesterday.
  • Olympia said 244 weeks ago

    Awesome I love the colors :)
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