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I wonder if that parrot tweets? -


  • Watsons27 said 247 weeks ago

  • flightlessbyrd said 247 weeks ago

    Argh sold! :D
  • braindrain666 said 247 weeks ago

    That is friggin cool--I might just have to buy it--and it bought yesterdays!! AHHHH!
  • leosmom1 said 247 weeks ago

    nope...too pirate-ty for me
  • GingerbreadDon said 247 weeks ago

    i wonder in Somalians have parrots? or a similar friend
  • whateverschwing said 247 weeks ago

    it's been a long time since I've wanted to buy a shirt here. i'm not even particularly into pirates, but dig this art and dig that it's on chocolate.
  • SteveOramA said 247 weeks ago

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    nice work! cool blend of colors.
  • Kjelldon said 247 weeks ago

    Bought in a heartbeat!
  • Gammashoo said 247 weeks ago

  • reborn291 said 247 weeks ago

    link to portfolio is broken
    ; (
  • whhiitt said 247 weeks ago

    le sigh
    i love the side art and buy the first peice in an instant
    but i think sometimes a thought doesnt transfer well IMO


    just not diggin the t shirt
  • braindrain666 said 247 weeks ago

    bought it
  • mloniero said 247 weeks ago

    Cool design. Unnecessary splatter and halftone dots that don't really fit in. Not something I would wear, but otherwise it is a pretty cool illustration.
  • rockasaurus said 247 weeks ago

  • Xath said 247 weeks ago

    You guys gotta stop making pirate shirts, I'm going poor. B)
  • 308NATO said 247 weeks ago

    I see MJ looking East...
  • Zapatista said 247 weeks ago

    sweet!!! to bad I've been buying to many...
  • Nozitina said 247 weeks ago

    it's very sculptural, however be cautious of the busy lines and curves. i am also totally enchanted by your use of colour.
  • Zim said 247 weeks ago

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    she's cute, I just realized the models faces don't change, nor their positions per different shirt, guess they're photoshopped on.

    I like the pirate
  • elboricua123 said 247 weeks ago

    sweet shirt!!! finally, a shirt thats not only for the "lol's"...*sigh* ive missed the really cool looking artsy shirts! now its all comedy shirts with little to no art, or just pop art :/ What happened to shirts like "Quid Vomits Happy", "Sawdust and Diamonds", "A Beautiful Battle","Divinity", "Oni", "He Who Ate the Sun", "Byrd","Wow Its a Ship", "Kinship", "Piratesque", "TATTIE BOGLE AND THE CORBIES". What happened to those? the type that when people went by you they would stop and say "WOW sweet shirt, where'd you get it!!" and not just "ha, funny shirt" and go about their busyness..the type of shirt youd proudly wear cause you know no one else around you can get it..and not just a shirt to make ppl chuckle.. : / if you agree, speak out so that hopefully teefury will remember its roots :(
  • steveomac said 247 weeks ago

    great design, really, fantastic but i think i'd like it even more as a print or even a comic book
  • Ethical Sin said 247 weeks ago

    This is very stylistic and cool. Local school's team name is the Pirates so I'm getting one for my sister and one for myself.

    Good work!
  • pugsley said 247 weeks ago

    Elboricua- those people go to other sites, like DBH
  • Gerc said 247 weeks ago

    Great artwork, and it fits well with the brown (?) background
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