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Abstract Bolt


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  • PrinceFiyer0 said 245 weeks ago

    comment pop! Cute shirt but I wouldn't wear it...
  • prattypus said 245 weeks ago

    It says abstract in the name, and I agree. I don't know if I would wear this. I do think the zip-a-tone inside the bolt itself would look better if the fill was uniform. I also think the bolt would look better, flow better, if it was mirror imaged- to go along with the sweep of the torso.
  • alagunay86 said 245 weeks ago

    love the girl in the picture frames (in the side bar)
  • Toonstar said 245 weeks ago

  • jonofthedeadd said 245 weeks ago

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    It looks nice, but nothing I would buy. I do enjoy the art on the side much more.
  • lyrn2100 said 245 weeks ago

    Like, but not enough to buy, Would so wear the exploding side images though! :)
  • Zarox said 245 weeks ago

    Vo1ture you tempt me once again. I'll be thinking this over throughout the night/day.
  • loakey said 245 weeks ago

    I love this! It is sleek and clean. Nice portfolio too. I am anxious to see what you will be putting out in a few years with even more training.
  • badboyrsl said 245 weeks ago

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    I've only been visiting this site for a couple days now, and I have to say that this is the most unoriginal shirt I've see on the site thus far in my short tee-fury career.... I'm still gonna buy it!
  • waccodemon said 245 weeks ago

  • mattbox52 said 245 weeks ago

    I really like it but I also agree it should be mirror imaged. There's just too much blank space on the shirt. It's a little better on the girl shirt but alas, I am no girl. Good work though.
  • mrwednesday said 245 weeks ago

    alagunay86 said: love the girl in the picture frames (in the side bar)

    You've barely even met. At least get to know her a little bit first.
  • jimmyc said 245 weeks ago

    I like it, but it looks too much like a skater kid t-shirt, and not enough like I’m in my mid to Late 20's.
  • lowbatterie said 245 weeks ago

    The shirt is decent, but I think a more interesting color combination could have been used instead of the usual black with white/silver and another color, in this case basic blue. The off-center placement is really drawing me, though, and does a lot for the design. I'll have to sleep on the decision to buy or not.

    But the works on the right are seriously fantastic. The middle one with the eye peeking out among the bursts of blue and purple and white is wicked awesome.
  • kizat said 245 weeks ago

    i really like it.
  • FuzzyLogic said 245 weeks ago

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    Itza Bolt!
  • NeoAkira said 245 weeks ago

    If you had used the yellow power rangers lightning bolt color this shirt would have been buyable.
  • esophagus said 245 weeks ago

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    Glad to see a nice art shirt, free of references.

    No, I'm not one of the usual reference haters, in fact they make me more likely to buy. Just glad to see a skilled designer get his dues.

    And at 16!
  • Novux said 245 weeks ago

    Whoa KHAAAAAAAN. That second side art is killer.
  • w33z7y said 245 weeks ago

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    I dont like how far up on the shoulder it is, and I feel like Gatorade ahould be paying me to wear it. not buying.
  • d4n3sh said 245 weeks ago

    Like it, good colors
  • crazeecurlgurl said 245 weeks ago

    i think its sweet. if i had lots and lots of money i would get it. however i have minimal amounts of money, and i try to get shirts that make me laugh.
    nice job tho
  • CrazyMofoInc said 245 weeks ago

    NeoAkira's right.
  • serpico said 245 weeks ago

    Tampa Bay Lightning fan???... it's all i think when I see this, for me... i don't even think they will make the playoffs this year
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