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  • peppersagooddog said 248 weeks ago

    read the artist name as coniker
    rut roh!
  • kgvect said 248 weeks ago

    Hmmm kinda cool.
  • robinzeggblu said 248 weeks ago

    yay! no moar shirts I can only wear on halloween!

    love the style of the robot, but he feels out of place with the mountains, like you designed them seperately and then decided they would work together. Nweither is bad, just a little disjointed.
  • SilverStar8403 said 248 weeks ago

    Interesting....I'm really diggin' the astronaut and the Star Wars designs on the right, though.
  • ironpen said 248 weeks ago

    I'm really digging this design with the sole exception that the fade on the bit of mountain to the left of the figure just looks... weird on the shirt. Seems a little too drastic of a value.
  • Gammashoo said 248 weeks ago

    You know I need more red tees and this design is growing on me slowly... gunna sleep on it.
  • Ian!!! said 248 weeks ago

    Bahahaaha i NEED the Russian video game shirt in the sidebar
  • Ian!!! said 248 weeks ago

    Annnnnd the design on the featured tee is awesome :)
  • wringz said 248 weeks ago

    Spaceboarding astronaut: do want!
    great design but not a big fan of red shirts :P
  • ChrisCouture said 248 weeks ago

    The side art is some of the best I've seen, no joke, are they selling anywhere?!
  • ontheroadtonowhere said 248 weeks ago

    I like this a lot. Also, the fantastic Imperial acid trip to the right.
  • volfbrandon said 248 weeks ago

    ChrisCouture said: The side art is some of the best I've seen, no joke, are they selling anywhere?!

    I completely agree. I really want the 'Funk Me Harder'. Haha.
  • applebutt said 248 weeks ago

    i don't know if i like the design for todays shirt but the last and 3rd to last on the designs on the right are totally my style :) peace out!
  • applebutt said 248 weeks ago

    i gotta say my fav on the sidebar is the rainbow skater genie! thought it was worth a separate post! :D
  • Kimoppi said 248 weeks ago

    The robot has a skull face and is being followed by a fart FluffySpam!

    Diggin' the Roller Genie!
  • Ethical Sin said 248 weeks ago

    I like the work here. Not a buy for me today. Not particularly swayed either way by this design. I like the "Funk Me Harder" shirt on the right.

    Keep up the good work!
  • punkxxnvrxxdies said 248 weeks ago

    i want that leopard shirt...Badazz
  • zeeaycee said 248 weeks ago

    Need more funk. Where can we get it?
  • Amagoi said 248 weeks ago

    I like it! Though I think it would've looked better on a dark maroon or black like it is in the background image.

    I wanna know where I can snag the Roller Jeanie and Funk Me Harder shirt to the right, those are snazzy.
  • CPUT99 said 248 weeks ago

    I like that bottom graphic as well as that roller genie
  • Jestik said 248 weeks ago

    the world needs more red shirts, and this one is pretty rad.

    I would like to get this shirt, thinking hard...
  • born2code said 248 weeks ago

  • born2code said 248 weeks ago

    awesome design
  • FuzzyLogic said 248 weeks ago

    FuzzyLogic's Teefury Badges
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    Russian Video Games Shirt.
    Owls Rule.

    I love RoBoTs but "God Hates Techno" and so do I.
    I can't stand DJs.

    Cool Color and Red Shirt tho!
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