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  • DragonSpeaker said 250 weeks ago

    Gameshark! Cute design. :)
  • guhji said 250 weeks ago

    playng genesis? he is so old school!
  • tdshelton said 250 weeks ago

    a biy too young for me.. still, innovative
  • kgvect said 250 weeks ago

    Heh heh, gameshark.
  • mrwednesday said 250 weeks ago

    I'm not sure I would want to wear a shirt that's a walking advertisement that I can't beat video games without cheating.....interesting design though.
  • ctbeiser said 250 weeks ago

    It was great until I realised that it's a gameshark... The design itself stands nicely as just a random piece of art, but with the reference to a cheating company, it just kinda kills it. And the SNES had the Game Genie, didn't it?
  • Muntoe said 250 weeks ago

    Ahhhhhh I get it, nyuk nyuk nyuk
  • jimiyo said 250 weeks ago

    jimiyo's Teefury Badges
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    i Love this one!
  • dunz0 said 250 weeks ago

    loves it! well done, greg!
  • Sirotak said 250 weeks ago

    absolutely one of the cleanest shirts i've seen recently
  • TLcambosoup said 250 weeks ago

  • lyrn2100 said 250 weeks ago

    LIKE this! haha
  • wringz said 250 weeks ago

    too cute! I bought too many teefury shirts the past few days tho :( Oh please print the green one on the right! Sidebar art is awesome.
  • NikhilH said 250 weeks ago

    Gameshark, that little device provided so many hours of extra fun!
  • Katana said 250 weeks ago

    Very nice design :)

    Mr. Abbott, is the Panda shirt in the sidebar available for purchase?
    Please reply.
  • Nominate said 250 weeks ago

    ^Word, same question as Katana.
  • Pozzem said 250 weeks ago

    am i too old to get this t?
  • Pozzem said 250 weeks ago

    and in the panda t available for purchase?
  • bluebeanie said 250 weeks ago

    Nominate said: ^Word, same question as Katana.
    Katana said: Very nice design :)

    Mr. Abbott, is the Panda shirt in the sidebar available for purchase?

    Please reply.

    I was for sale here:
    however it seems to be sold out now... Greg is amazing!
  • Sirknifesalot said 250 weeks ago

    Does this shark drink BAWLS too?
  • Amatatomba said 250 weeks ago

    I've been hoping to have the chance to buy a Greg Abbott shirt lately. But while I love his work, he has stuff that's so much better than this. I would love to have "Levels" on a shirt. This is still great though, just not something I'd wear.
  • Hynoxolus said 250 weeks ago

    Very cool! I'm a little too poor right now for one, but I love the simplicity of the idea! Fun and cute!

    For future: Please print the green on on the side! Would buy that in a heartbeat!
  • almost.meche said 250 weeks ago

    I'm very torn... 'Cause on the one hand, Shark playing SNES! But on the other hand, I never played SNES, and more importantly, I'm not a shark, so then I feel like a poser... *sigh* These are the moral dilemmas I will grapple with over the next 24hrs...

    (p.s. Hi! I'm new.)
  • hezaa said 250 weeks ago

    Based on the look on his face: Cho Aniki.... Virtual console, he's using the wii classic remote.
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