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Indifferent Peapod


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  • Xath said 250 weeks ago

    hahaha Love it
  • bean said 250 weeks ago

  • Monsieur_Lungfish said 250 weeks ago

    Not many designs make me actually smiles and physically laugh to myself. This one did. It's cute and I think I'll get it. Not only because I like the idea, but also because I hope to spread a little happiness to those that may see the design while I wear it :)
  • Kimoppi said 250 weeks ago

    Love me some Venn Diagrams! It's too cute.
  • kelly said 250 weeks ago

    Lovin' it!!! A teacher's dream..."So, now kids as you can notice on my t-shirt when you mix yellow and blue you get green!"
  • rice said 250 weeks ago

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee, boughtened
  • cestlaviemich3le said 250 weeks ago

    LOVE IT. :D
  • darthbelch said 250 weeks ago

    weak and disappointing. why couldnt it be the darth vader/mickey mouse thing on the side?
  • ironpen said 250 weeks ago

    Is the text really that needed? It kind of ruins the joke and just.... looks ugly in the design. I would consider buying it if not for that.
  • chewy said 250 weeks ago

    love this
  • Gawd said 250 weeks ago

    That's me to a T!

    But on a white shirt... bummer.
  • Panda said 250 weeks ago

  • Renae said 250 weeks ago

    I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard.
    Extremely cute but I'm not sure about the white shirt. D:
  • Muntoe said 250 weeks ago

    LOL I love their little faces and the whole sunny yellow + depressed blue = indifferent green! I think I just like the little smileys, but I'm a bit disappointed as well that it is on white.
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 250 weeks ago

    I've never seen a vesica piscis (intersection of two circles) referred to as an "indifferent peapod" - this is brilliant! Very, very funny in light of the fact that the v.p. has been revered as a religious symbol, is considered part of the mystical tradition of the Golden Mean, the secret traditions of Freemasonry, and on and on - I think I like this version much better!
  • punkxxnvrxxdies said 250 weeks ago

    @oliver, hahah i just looked at your portfolio and saw all of the mugshot illustrations, i live a half hour outside of cleveland, ohhh that's creepy but amazing :) :) your work is awesome
  • Skitsafrit said 250 weeks ago

    Awwwesome!!! I want want want it!!! ... >:/ got it black??
  • pers said 250 weeks ago

    Cute, but not for me. I would love to have the circles raining down though!
  • Tuism said 250 weeks ago

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    Heyyyyy this is awesome, finally getting printed :)

    I do like it better in the original off-white cream colour :)

    I'd say maybe the lines are superfluous. The words make it brilliant. Indifferent peapod is major lol :)
  • ablake said 250 weeks ago

    Very nice work -- I see major influences from Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast and Pushpin Studio. The man with the umbrella (Coencentric Downpour) is absolutely beautiful and VERY Glaser-like - would love that as a poster or even a t-shirt. Marvelous work!
  • stevenneo said 250 weeks ago

    Hahaha....enjoying the darth vader-mickey design =)
  • Ethical Sin said 250 weeks ago

    Decent idea, but first thing I thought of was this:

  • TurnThePaige said 250 weeks ago

    dont really dig the words.
    but the shirt is pretty great and it made me LAWL.
  • ChrisCouture said 250 weeks ago

    darthbelch said: weak and disappointing. why couldnt it be the darth vader/mickey mouse thing on the side?

    because if it was you'd have blonie, myself, and many others say "omfg, another star wars shirt, WTF?! That's 3 this week!

    Sorry dude but some people like non-star wars shirts.

    I think this shirt is cool, and the umbrella guy side art is spectatcular.
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