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  • a7loftis said 250 weeks ago

  • Baller4836 said 250 weeks ago

    These Asian drawings are wicked sweet and all, but I'm really not a fan of it being on my shirts..................
  • BigWhittt said 250 weeks ago

    Too crazy for me. I like stylish but simplistic. Nice art though. :)
  • stablercake said 250 weeks ago

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    Love the wolverine down there, definitely much more awesome going on stylistically in that one.

  • Miss_Fortune said 250 weeks ago

    what do the kanji say?
  • Ethical Sin said 250 weeks ago

    Okay, I don't use this word all the time, but I love your work. I think you just became one of my new favorite artists.

    TeeFury, I'd buy the girl design on the sidebar.

    I like this stuff - the Asian theme may be common lately, but the design oozes cool, IMHO. Bought!
  • faithom said 250 weeks ago

    Love the dA logo on the side. :)

    As for the kanji... From top to bottom - I think the first one is for 'chi', kind of? idk how to interpret the second one. THe third is for 'path/way'. The 4th unique character is for 'forest'. But I'm saying all of it as a Chinese person. Not sure if the meaning still holds in Japanese.
  • IronMan said 250 weeks ago

    Wolverine!!! So cool!
  • mastershane said 250 weeks ago

    This by far is exactly what I'm looking for in a shirt! Awesome art work, beautiful design, just brilliant! Bought!

    Oh and kudos, let me know when you do more like these!
  • dudley53 said 250 weeks ago

    Great shirt.
  • melbel said 250 weeks ago

    Im going to look on the bright side...
  • necrophyte said 250 weeks ago

    it's all a big mess to me.

    i ordered your blazing eagle shirt on dA. took them a month to tell me that even though it wasn't sold out when i bought it, "It is now.".

    i has a sad.
  • GrimRealism said 250 weeks ago

    Im going to look on the dark side... as much as I dislike Japanese designs... I wish it were Star Wars!!!! The Wolverine design on the side is completely fantastic, however.
  • pabasi said 250 weeks ago

    Now this is the kinda shirt i'm talking about!
    hell yeas....

    -People vs. Radio
  • brycedriesenga said 250 weeks ago

    Man, it'd be sweet if the blood was actually printed on the shoulder.
  • Schwigity said 250 weeks ago

    I look to Teefury for more original stuff. This just doesn't do it for me. The dragon shirt thing has been done so much.
  • KyleMittskus said 250 weeks ago

    melbel said: Im going to look on the bright side... as much as im not a fan of the design... at least it is not star wars.

    That's turning a frown up-side-down.
  • Kimoppi said 250 weeks ago

    Ok... There seems to be a lot of whining about the the Asian inspiration, or the dragon inspiration... but this is the first shirt I've ever seen where the Asian dragon is being slain. That immediately sets it apart from the rest for me.

    But I won't be buying the shirt because there is just too much going on. It's a bit of a mess and that takes away from some of the awesomeness of the concept for me. Maybe if it was one dragon, one of the reds, and the samurai it wouldn't seem as messy to me.

    I really enjoy the complex side art, but I prefer my shirts to be a little cleaner in design.
  • Nozitina said 250 weeks ago

    I really do like the design, I think it is beautiful. I think it is lost on the White shirt. I think that i darker shirt would make the image of the samurai pop more while still expressing the violence of the dragon being slain.
  • fairnymph said 250 weeks ago

    Wow, the best shirt TF's had in ages and ONCE AGAIN on a different colour for women. God that makes me so mad! I hate Sand - I can't wear it at all, it makes me look atrocious. I would totally buy this on silver (how rad would that be!), natural, white, or cream...why do you make me cry so often, TF?

    :( :( :(

    Please, please, please stop putting the designs on different colours for women vs men. It is sexist and ANNOYING.
  • CPUT99 said 250 weeks ago

    The bleeding effect with the kanji dripping down is pretty sweet.
  • Googooboyy said 250 weeks ago

    Wicked wicked wicked wicked. Wicked wicked wicked wicked!
  • stevenneo said 250 weeks ago

    agree with the rest. its a cool design but its a bit too messy.

    i would not hesitate to buy if the tee design was the wolverine or the gal design =>
  • SICKNOLTE said 250 weeks ago

    It'd be nice if there was some more variety. Star Wars and Asian inspired shirts are all we seem to be getting lately.
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