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  • Anonymous said 250 weeks ago

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    not my style though
  • SteveOramA said 250 weeks ago

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    nice work. cool colors.
  • guhji said 250 weeks ago

    i love your art very nice! but rather have it in a poster than a t-shirt
    my personal opinion
  • Multiplesarcasm said 250 weeks ago

    I don't know why, but this design just looks boring to me. Maybe it's just the limited palette, but I'm looking for something to pop out at me and it's just not happening.
  • Gammashoo said 250 weeks ago

    Hrmm... need to sleep on this one. I like it though.
  • wringz said 250 weeks ago

    The part where her body goes looks awkward. Or is that supposed to be an optical illusion of sorts? *oh look 2 ships are sinking*

    I like the green monster on the sidebar tho.
  • ironpen said 250 weeks ago

    Some more distinct cut off for the sinking ships would make the design look a lot better at a distance. Other than that, nice design. Love the messages in bottles on the sidebar.
  • aislinn2000 said 250 weeks ago

    I like the design, but I agree with some of the posters on the TeeFury preview on Facebook...the sudden stop at the bottom looks strange. I would totally buy the ship at the bottom on the right, though. Beautiful style overall!
  • DrAngryFace said 250 weeks ago

    Side art: I will buy pretty much any shirt related to vinyl records.
  • ambereden said 250 weeks ago

    love the phonograph to the side, that is awesome
  • bloodyknows said 250 weeks ago

    that ship shirt is pretty fresh.
  • JadenKale said 250 weeks ago

    I like the subdued colors and the linework, as always, is superb... but I'm in agreement with the others as to how it cuts off at the bottom. I'm wondering if V&V could have, perhaps, added some additional detail to the sea floor to eliminate that blocky cut-off at the bottom of the design?
  • steveomac said 250 weeks ago

    love the monochromatic color scheme
  • ducktree said 250 weeks ago

    Love the nature/phonograph image on the right, now THAT is a tee I would buy in a heartbeat.
  • Panda said 250 weeks ago

    Dude I love that boat!!!!!
  • smithist said 250 weeks ago

    Believe the phonograph can be found on woot.
  • Drummer4life911 said 250 weeks ago

    two awesome shirts in a row. boughta buy
  • kizat said 250 weeks ago

    smithist said: Believe the phonograph can be found on woot.

    i can't find it... must have.
  • Ethical Sin said 250 weeks ago

    ambereden said: love the phonograph to the side, that is awesome

    I'm certain I've seen it before, if not here then somewhere else.

    I realize it's lazy of me to say without helping you find it, but hey, at least there's hope for you.
  • ninthwheel said 250 weeks ago

    Wow, looks even better in this blue colorway. Nice print.
  • randomhero326 said 250 weeks ago

    the last two shirts have been perfect. this is what i like to see teefury!!
  • Kimoppi said 250 weeks ago

    She looks like the prow of a pirate ship... but that's kinda cool.

    I like the line work, but I won't be buying today.
  • wondermilk said 250 weeks ago

    i like it, but something about the way the inside lines of the arms are so straight kinda bothers me...idk, i'll have to think about it
  • popslan said 250 weeks ago

    Love the side art! The phonograph is great!
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