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  • applesbananas said 251 weeks ago

    Disney, Enron, McDonalds, Target, Coca Cola, Toys R US, AIG, CNN, Subway.

    dang, that is intense.
  • Mattatya said 251 weeks ago

    wow how political. Great design though and I am glad to see something in black.
  • SleepyBandit said 251 weeks ago

    me like. Me no buy cuz no money. =(
  • least said 251 weeks ago

    I got them except Enron I couldn't put my finger on and AIG stumped me x)

    Very cool.
    Political statements.

    Also visually appealing.

    However, not my style xC
  • silvioislame said 251 weeks ago

    Is this Technecly a Parady cause otherwize, this is terrible Copyright Infringement

    heres to hoping for a dead bird!
  • sawbones84 said 251 weeks ago

    message is too loud, dated.
  • ghostofdavid said 251 weeks ago

    Very cool shirt. In for one. Maybe.
  • OneAway said 251 weeks ago

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    I dig this. Great idea.
  • ry4nsm1th said 251 weeks ago

    I'm pretty sure that E is Dell, not Enron.
  • a7loftis said 251 weeks ago

    I like the design and the message. I think that the design would be better, however, if it filled out the shirt a little more. And while I like the message, I don't know how I feel about wearing around and inevitably explaining and preaching someone else's opinions.
  • Kiarku said 251 weeks ago

    funny, i wouldn't wear it personally, but i respect the statement.
  • scotttburnett said 251 weeks ago

    simply amazing
  • Visual Singularities said 251 weeks ago

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    Very well done. i really enjoy this
  • aayjay said 251 weeks ago

    very striking design. not sure i'd wear it.
  • least said 251 weeks ago

    ry4nsm1th said: I'm pretty sure that E is Dell, not Enron.

    The dell one is more angled, and notice the E is missing the "back" like the enron logo.

    For comparison.
  • serpico said 251 weeks ago

    d= disney
    e= enron
    m= mcdonalds
    o= target
    c= coke
    r= toys r us
    a= aig
    c= cnn
    y= subway
  • nesler said 251 weeks ago

    ry4nsm1th - I had never noticed that, but yes, Dell and Enron both share a very similar tilted E in their logos. Interesting. But it is Enron. The telling clue is that the E in the shirt has an open back.
  • stablercake said 251 weeks ago

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    Um, no. After the pop-culture/overdone-ness I had to be dragged through this evening, this just hits all the wrong buttons. As true and powerful as the message may be, the visualization a little trite.
  • BubbaNush said 251 weeks ago

    Very nice shirt but alot of explaining goes with it. I feel like id have to explain it to everyone, kinda like how we are explaining it to ourselves here, id be doing that all day when i wore it
  • SteveOramA said 251 weeks ago

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    poor teevil having to add the notice at the beginning for a design that shouldn't receive any crazy comments.

    nice design. nice idea.

    now unload with your opinions!
  • Soccerfun88 said 251 weeks ago

    Great shirt, considering buying.

    I don't understand how you could accuse the visualization of being overused.

    @duchess; I'm not sure the author was picking companies that he/she considered "bad", I think they were just going for very popular big names that represent business and market.

    If you have to completely explain this shirt to someone, they probably aren't going to care/understand either way.
  • suhleap said 251 weeks ago

    why is it the sideart always blows away the featured shirt?
  • jaysea420 said 251 weeks ago

    the U.S. is more of a social democracy than straight up democracy...

    i would have rather seen the same concept but with the word 'capitalism'

    either way though i dig the idea. Very cool!!

  • Gawd said 251 weeks ago

    As much as Disney is a huge conglomerate, I can't lump them in with Enron or AIG, cuz the mere fact they now own Marvel... gives them a reprieve.
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