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  • Stexe said 251 weeks ago

  • spudartman said 251 weeks ago

    Holy Cow
  • least said 251 weeks ago

    Amusing (x

    I'm not a huge fan of the placing, just because it's a little small and it's kind of awkward to have milk on my chest.
  • kgvect said 251 weeks ago

    Heh, I lol'd
  • bean said 251 weeks ago

    maa mow moooooooo.
  • Nnenene said 251 weeks ago

    Not impressed. There can be really good minimalist designs, but this is not one of them.
  • cash said 251 weeks ago

  • Kimoppi said 251 weeks ago

    This shirt made me think of little kids asking if brown cows make chocolate milk.

    This image is another joke like that. But it's more like an image my mother would forward to me, than an image I'd like on a shirt. But congrats on getting printed.
  • Super_Fly said 251 weeks ago

    sorry for the childishness but a girl having two milk cows over her chest is funny. other then that humor i might buy this
  • rice said 251 weeks ago

    maa mow moo mooo
  • KyleMittskus said 251 weeks ago

    The print is WAY too small. You won't be able to see it past 3 feet.
  • TheFlork said 251 weeks ago

    My mom would like it...
  • Rizza said 251 weeks ago

    Hahaha cute, I love the idea!
  • godzilla said 251 weeks ago

    i like the placement, the size, AND the design.
    tee images don't always have to be huge and centered. plus come on, it's funneh.
  • godzilla said 251 weeks ago

    also, the cow on the right looks like he's standing in the middle of a rainbow that hasn't been colored in yet.
  • thewedge said 251 weeks ago

    Yeah. Most girls I know are totally looking for a shirt that'll show milk spilling outta their breasts sorry, make that just one breast... -_-x

    Other than that, I actually really considered buying it, if it weren't for [yes, i know EVERYONE uses this same excuse..] my current shortage of funds, and [again yes, it's already been said enough] the size and placement. But I'm actually really diggin the shirt colour. It'd contrast nicely with my closetful of browns and blacks. heh..

    Right then, I'm done!
    ...ready for the next one.
  • TurnThePaige said 251 weeks ago

    i like their hats.
    very nice concept ya'll.

    now why is the male models head SO big on his body?
    sorry to talk about the models again but its frightening me.
  • catgoat69 said 251 weeks ago

    sorry, not a fan... just not my taste really, needs work. It just seems like it needs something to tie it all together that isn't there now. Not sure what, but I'm not the artist... it is just seems to lack something.
  • GingerJohn said 251 weeks ago

    I would buy it but it looks too blank, also it would look nicer if if the design was moved down.
  • Olympia said 251 weeks ago

    This is nice and funny :) I like the texture too,though it seems kinda small on the placement
  • Mixer23 said 251 weeks ago

    I like this, but you lost me with the boring shirt color of the guys shirt. Why are all the guys shirt colors dull? I'd like to see more color...
  • poolshark411 said 251 weeks ago

    It reminds me of 'Outlaw,' that old Atari game. While this shirt doesn't really work for me, if somebody could direct me to an Outlaw-based shirt, I'd be more than tempted.
  • 308NATO said 251 weeks ago

    unctuous duchess said:
    KyleMittskus said: The print is WAY too small. You won't be able to see it past 3 feet.

    And of course you wouldn't want to wear something that might attract anyone closer to you... ??

    POLICY ALERT !!! - Did we not learn any thing from yesterdays 169 comments, plus 15 or so deleted comments?

    KM while being subjective (way) and objective (3ft) was mildly hostile, yet constructively specific. (Although I believe the ~4" image would be good up to 8ft or so... I believe we will call this one a wash.

    Be ALERT to the policyThe World needs more Lerts
  • 308NATO said 251 weeks ago

    Sorry for the space in anything...
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