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Did you see the birds at the very bottom of the page? They're just a taste of what you'll see in the 3rd TeeFury collab tee, coming soon! :) -


  • DesignHim said 252 weeks ago

    Transformers =/= terminator.
    They aren't evil D:

    Interesting idea though!
  • serpico said 252 weeks ago

    autobot symbol + terminator = win
  • steveomac said 252 weeks ago

    awww!!! tight!!! Im nerding out big time!!!
  • shutts67 said 252 weeks ago

    Someone just stole the Autobots emblem off my truck. Now he can't transform anymore :'(
  • Anonymous said 252 weeks ago

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  • drewhytt said 252 weeks ago

    sorry this designs not working for me. dig the rabbit side art however.
  • a7loftis said 252 weeks ago

    sweet giraffelephant impostor
  • reborn291 said 252 weeks ago

    lol "first post" guy got deleted and nice concept im just not feelin it though
  • Foif said 252 weeks ago

    Wow I really like you're art.

    You have some pretty creative/interesting concepts, the last one on the right is also pure class.

    And nice job on the print!
  • GriffinFire said 252 weeks ago

    Not my style, but very nifty idea. I love the side art of the giraffes and the elephant. :)

    Squee, my swan's on the bottom bar! X3
  • 加藤 said 252 weeks ago

    Haha nice idea although the art could be a bit better imo.
  • checklistforlife said 252 weeks ago

    effing love it.
  • stevenneo said 252 weeks ago

    haha..juz coolz...definitely more than meets the eye. in for one =)
  • stevenneo said 252 weeks ago

    the design is not tat bad..and yes it could be better.

    but i think transformer fanboys (like me) will buy it. i have seen really bad transformer tees costing a lot more than this.
  • betamaster09 said 252 weeks ago

    Wasn't there already a shirt that was star wars and terminator?
  • Fat Possom said 252 weeks ago

    Sigh. Again.... The side art is so wonderful and creative. Why is the Tee Fury shirt more often than not so different? Why do I want to buy a shirt that is so clearly not collective of the artists portfolio?

    Not knocking this shirt NDIKOL. It's well done and an interesting idea. But your other work is showing me a consistent style that I admire WAY more.

    I want to wear a piece of art that is indicative of the artists style.

    Let the hating begin.
  • weaselchips said 252 weeks ago

    its a cool idea but i feel like it should really be a Decepticon
  • brainville said 252 weeks ago

    I realize that it fits on black, I just don't like black shirts.
    Great design, though. Nice job.
  • KyleMittskus said 252 weeks ago

    checklistforlife said: effing love it.

    You would. It's basically you, but in transformer, uh... form.
  • evilbread said 252 weeks ago

    So, why would a robot be disguised as a robot that disguises its self as a vehicle?
  • KyleMittskus said 252 weeks ago

    evilbread said: So, why would a robot be disguised as a robot that disguises its self as a vehicle?

    So that you would ask that very question. It's been their plan all along! And you fell right into it.
  • TurnThePaige said 252 weeks ago

    yay 3rd collab tee :]]]
    this design is a tad too simple for my taste, and i love love love the side art.
    The next time this artist comes around i request some of that.
    too much like the star wars terminator for me.
  • neonix said 252 weeks ago

    Very cool, but I don't see myself wearing it much.
  • devils sweet smile said 252 weeks ago

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