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  • checklistforlife said 250 weeks ago

    LOL yay star wars!
  • X Chris said 250 weeks ago

    That is classic. Perfect!
  • KyleMittskus said 250 weeks ago

  • benjyhe said 250 weeks ago

    Haha Kinda cute, but don't really think its my style
  • Leester said 250 weeks ago

    I love the one eyed glass R2D2 gets.
  • TurnThePaige said 250 weeks ago

    i love how clean it is.
    not much of a starwars girl but kudos :]
  • wringz said 250 weeks ago

    too cute! totes buying.
  • guhji said 250 weeks ago

    swwwett more starwars!!
  • melbel said 250 weeks ago

    Really Teefury? Really? Another Star Wars shirt? Thats two Star Wars shirts in one week. No bueno.
  • Zyrkon said 250 weeks ago

    I like Starwars :)
  • Sirknifesalot said 250 weeks ago

    Definitely funny but too soon for another Star Wars shirt. Would've liked this on burgundy. You hear that Jimi! :P
  • Cecilgene said 250 weeks ago

    I'm a fan of Chris' work and am fortunate enough to be able to call him a friend. In fact, he is responsible for my avatar here and I'm proud to be able to plaster it all over the internet. I love his style. It's simple, clean and distinctive. It's great to see some of his work make it to a broader audience!
  • WinterArtwork said 250 weeks ago

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    hilarious! good job!
  • dudley53 said 250 weeks ago

    Funny. Good Star Wars humor never gets old.
  • rat said 250 weeks ago

    melbel said: Really Teefury? Really? Another Star Wars shirt? Thats two Star Wars shirts in one week. No bueno.

  • carmaisabeach said 250 weeks ago

    look i love star wars

    but enough TF, can we see some new stuff??? (no offense to powerpig)

    i know its the recession, but cmonnn

    the next grab bag i might get 3 star wars shirts. *facepalm*
  • steveomac said 250 weeks ago

    sorry to all the people complaining but this is a funny shirt, star wars or not. i think its fine to have more than 1 shirt of any subject matter as long as they are well done.
  • robinzeggblu said 250 weeks ago

    i love the concept, but im not a huge fan of the glasses, and DEF not a fan of having my boobs highlighted by robot faces o.O placement is no good for the girls shirt. nice design though! Star Wars FTW!
  • alimd said 250 weeks ago

    I agree with Melbel, not everyone likes starwars, and even those who do presumably have other interests. Can we stop with the starwars stuff now? 2 in one week is ridiculous.

    Also, I honestly only thinks this style works if it's original. If he created something that wasn't a reference in this same style, I'd buy it. It's too cliche this way. In my opinion references only work with realism, better yet hyper-realism, because cartoons have been too overdone in this genre already.
  • AlvinPing said 250 weeks ago

    You're the chipmunk action figure picture guy?!

  • lee said 250 weeks ago

    i will be buying this as soon my check goes through. huzzah!
  • jayropedawg88 said 250 weeks ago

    i think it's AMAZING!!! i'm very tempted to buy five!!
  • JonBowerbank said 250 weeks ago

    Although funny, it looks a bit too much like something Harry Knowles, Kevin Smith or Comic Book Guy (grotesquely obese people) would wear...sooooo, I'm gonna pass.
  • melbel said 250 weeks ago

    Okay so... I looked at the portfolio and it is amazing. Seriously... AMAZING.

    Sorry that I hate your shirt so much.. but the portfolio has taken you off my sh!t list.
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