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  • ssb said 254 weeks ago

    the image is certainly unsettling but i don't know i want to unsettle everyone around me by wearing it on a shirt
  • kgvect said 254 weeks ago

  • mister_goats said 254 weeks ago

    I like the Skull Steve Zissou on the right ->
  • kgvect said 254 weeks ago

    It is a bit disturbing...
  • TurnThePaige said 254 weeks ago

    i do like this,
    but it needs COLORR.
    like his mane could be tye dye or something.
    i dont know it is still pretty wonderful.
  • TurnThePaige said 254 weeks ago

    oh and by the way?
    thank you for pointing out why living in Hollywood rocks.
    i LOVE Roscoe's :]
  • illuminatian said 254 weeks ago

    it's nice...but it's missing looks a bit too flat, not 3D enough. But cool design (i don't think it's unsettling or disturbing)
  • HeyReputah said 254 weeks ago

    great line work

    i want to snuggle with this dude... and i'm not just talking about the shirt model... the lion has some sort of adorable quality! :)
  • melbel said 254 weeks ago

    It reminds me of a bayside high shirt... even though bayside is a tiger.

    I agree with turnthepaige about the colors... but im just gonna simply spray mine so it does look bright and colorful... like a rainbow mane.
  • Splash said 254 weeks ago

    First TeeFury shirt I've ever bought!
    Something about it just made me want to wear it.
    Maybe because it looks more like the lion is belting out a heavy metal face-melter than just plain roaring.
  • hezaa said 254 weeks ago

    It's nice, but a little generic for me. :(
  • stablercake said 254 weeks ago

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    I wish it had a little something extra, it's a little dull for me.

    Skull Zissou is the though
  • christine said 254 weeks ago

    Not feelin' this one, sorry. Also, looks a little lop-sided to me.
  • korndiddy said 254 weeks ago

    I'll probably get it since I'm a Leo, but for real, Skull Zissou for life!
  • Kimoppi said 254 weeks ago

    I like the line work of the mane, but the shape of the face seems a bit uneven. If it had been colored and drawn a bit differently I'd believe it to be a ZOMBIE lion. Right now it looks like a lion becoming a zombie.
  • Super_Fly said 254 weeks ago

    sadly im a Pisces, but id defiantly wear that zombie Cheech and Chong!
  • IronMan said 254 weeks ago

    I like the design, but I think it would look much better on a poster than a tee. Again though, very well done.
  • KyleMittskus said 254 weeks ago

    The face looks really uneven and lopsided. I also think it's a bit boring. Like everyone else says, the Z skull FTW!
  • bean said 254 weeks ago

    rrraaaaahhhh means i love you.
  • godzilla said 254 weeks ago


    ok bought.
  • neonix said 254 weeks ago

    Has a cartoonish look to the face. It's kind of cool, but I'll have to pass on this one.
  • TurnThePaige said 254 weeks ago

    bahh melbel, now i want to spraypaint a shirt.
    is it worth it afterr?
  • applesbananas said 254 weeks ago

    This shirt really speaks to me. It's probably because I'm a Leo, also my name is Leo.
  • Scarlet said 254 weeks ago

    I agree with what other people are saying. The face definitely looks rather wonky to me.
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