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Pokemon are old and tired, there's a new set of curse filters now! If curiousity gets the better of you, test them out in the Filter Fun forum- but enter at your own risk! -


  • Wongkla said 255 weeks ago

    This is cool
  • miketurbo said 255 weeks ago

  • Ethical Sin said 255 weeks ago

    Just like childhood cartoons. And my barfights.
  • Zombie Darling said 255 weeks ago

    Cute! but WHY the baby blue shirt!? Blah!!

    Also, love'n the mummy on the bike
  • PerpetualKid said 255 weeks ago

    *grumble grumble*
  • robinzeggblu said 255 weeks ago

    new filters? orly? DonaldDuck!

    Anywhoo, love the shirt, nice, clean style, also, the side art is really original. I will have to sleep on wether to buy this one or not, but props either way, I like it.
  • robinzeggblu said 255 weeks ago

    lolz, ok, loony tunes
  • Xman said 255 weeks ago

    where does violence start accordint to you Damian King?
  • stablercake said 255 weeks ago

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    Haha, cute. The pink shuts me down, though :C

    I really love the drawing of that dude on the bike, is that a tee anywhere?
  • YutFree said 255 weeks ago

    Powder blue. Ugh.

    I'd also be interested in the mummycycle.
  • Katherine said 255 weeks ago

    It's nice to see the women's shirt in something other than black, dark blue or brown.
  • endorphinaddict said 255 weeks ago

    if it were black or a darker blue this wouldbe all mine love the mummy on the bike in the side panel
  • endorphinaddict said 255 weeks ago

    haha katherine bad timing on my part
  • PerpetualKid said 255 weeks ago Bugs Bunny on the tee? I know Daffy > Bugs, but still. You can't have one without the other.
    Well obviously you can. I'm just saying is all.
    DonaldDuck it. SleepingBeauty doesn't matter anyway.
  • Damian san said 255 weeks ago

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    Thanks for the comments y'all! I actually designed this with a turqoise tshirt in mind. The 'Mummy' design will be available from Choke on Color soon!
  • melbel said 255 weeks ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the locals only cactus.

    LOVE IT.
  • steveomac said 255 weeks ago

    to the artist, cool design, i like how you added specific characters but i dont like the baby blue tee. been a lot of those lately. I really love the mummy on a bike tee and the tattooed fetus is cool too! make me wish i was born with all those tatts :p
  • atomicchild said 255 weeks ago

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    Yes glad to see you getting more shirts printed
  • Sirknifesalot said 255 weeks ago

    OMFG more of this blue!? Did Teefury get a discount on powder blue shirts from somewhere? Geez Louise! Combined with the pink = no.

    The mummy on a ten speed is pretty funny though. :D
  • steveomac said 255 weeks ago

    hey that cute female model is back! yeah!
  • alimd said 255 weeks ago

    Urgh, I dunno. I really like it, and I love that you didn't feel the need to ruin it by putting text to explain it. I like the idea of violence in our culture starting with cartoons, I was just talking about that with someone today. It's really great and simple and clever, but I dislike the pink color, if it was less skintoned it would be better.

    With how pale I am as it is I would look like I was walking around topless, sans nipples and with a sweet tattoo on my boobs.

    But that could be fun I guess?
  • poodlered said 255 weeks ago

    4 good shirts in a month in powder blue... I can't buy this! People will think I'm weird for wearing so much light blue. Wasn't yesterday's anti-light blue outcry good enough for some change? I want this shirt, if it was red or yellow or black or something else...

    I gotta think about it... It IS an awesome design...
  • necrophyte said 255 weeks ago

    nostalgiad. hard.
  • BlackChops said 255 weeks ago

    i like probly will buy
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