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  • KyleMittskus said 253 weeks ago

  • tmaniac said 253 weeks ago

    My inner 8 year old + my girlfriend's inner 8 year old = this shirt.
  • whatnamisle said 253 weeks ago

    Weird shirt......
  • peppersagooddog said 253 weeks ago

    too much WIN.
  • ReflectedGray said 253 weeks ago

    I LOVE this shirt! The wand completely makes it.
  • toastersauce said 253 weeks ago

    what the hellll!!! so weird and yet so fascinating
  • Dauthra said 253 weeks ago

    random as hell but so awesome! XD
  • EdwardBlake said 253 weeks ago

    This shirt makes me want to vomit yet I can't stop looking at it.

    Props on that!
  • aayjay said 253 weeks ago

    i need this shirt like crazy. TOO AWESOME.
  • kgvect said 253 weeks ago

    I don't know. I'm not much a fan of things being weird just for the sake of being weird.
  • O,marie said 253 weeks ago

    hahahaha....bizzare creature that makes me laugh. :D If I could have a pet, Unicornasaurus would be it!
  • ladynightshade said 253 weeks ago

    It's funny.
    Though I think the girl's placement is terrible. It's too big and looks bad having that tail go over the side. It'd be nicer if the graphic were a little smaller on the female shirt to center it better like it is on the men's shirt
  • snarkygal said 253 weeks ago

    Ok , usually I don't like these kinds of shirts AT ALL, but the little star wand made me giggle. Good show LOL.
  • tsukitiger said 253 weeks ago

    THIS IS AMAZING I can't get it, but it's so epic!
  • pbandito said 253 weeks ago

    Best unicornasaurus I've seen. Trying to figure out which creature the wand came from... gotta say T-rex since I don't think a unicorn could hold one in the first place. I wonder what spells a T-Rex would cast..

    Oh, and to spin an old record - more Turquoise shirts for guys would be awesome.
  • fool4drummin said 253 weeks ago

    Total awesome. Ness. Or maybe I'm just in a weird mood because I need sleep. Prolly should sleep on it.
  • Foif said 253 weeks ago

    The white "mane" actually almost looks like long flowing wizard hair and the wand adds to to wizard status, but that might just be me.
  • heykelley said 253 weeks ago

    lol this is pretty awesome.
  • TurnThePaige said 253 weeks ago

    haha very nice indeed.
    more my sister's cup of tea, so i will show her tomorrow.
    but props indeed :]
  • AirHendrix said 253 weeks ago

    This is friggin great.

    I'm definitely thinking about buying this :D.

    T-Rex pretty much sold it, I've always loved Dinosaurs (although most don't believe in their origins lol).

    Wizards for the win.
  • Sanus said 253 weeks ago

    Amazingly epic, yes this is truly what annihilated the dinosaurs only to die from an over load of awesome.
  • Googooboyy said 253 weeks ago

    I swear I saw one in my room last night...
  • lemonjenny said 253 weeks ago

    I couldn't hit "buy" fast enough for this one! LOVE.
  • noiselessness said 253 weeks ago

    I love this design! Such lovely randomness :D
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