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That's pretty cool, but where's his Space Twitter? -


  • kgvect said 253 weeks ago

    LOVE IT!!!
  • xGreatRomances0x said 253 weeks ago

    It's posted a little early, haha. I think my friend would enjoy this. I'll have to link her.
  • Envy_Wrth said 253 weeks ago

    buy this one i will
  • shisno said 253 weeks ago

    love this. funny and i'm a star wars geek but just not something that i would wear.
  • corruption07 said 253 weeks ago

    Hahaha, is that Contractors Wanted ad a reference to Clerks? Night = Made.
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 253 weeks ago

    hahaha, hilarious
    but the side art is miles ahead of today's shirt, breathtaking.
  • wl552 said 253 weeks ago

    This one tickled my funny bone so much that I guffawed quite loudly and got weird looks from my teenager. I really, really want this shirt.
  • kgvect said 253 weeks ago

    This is a hilarious shirt. I'm just hoping people don't start throwing attitudes around and complaining that its becoming like "shirt.woot" and how dare they make a funny shirt on here that isn't art blah blah blah.

    Anyway, BOUGHT!!!
  • dopey5007 said 253 weeks ago

    I just had too
  • EricBach22 said 253 weeks ago

    This is funny. I did lol. Lol'd indeed.
  • hbbguitarist said 253 weeks ago

    eh, its funny, and i freaking love star wars, but its just not something i would wear as a shirt....
  • BubbaNush said 253 weeks ago

    It is your destiny... My friends looked at me as i laughed out of nowhere looking at my phone.... Def buy... I dont think Darth Vader likes his stormtroopers blowing off work though... Poor poor stormtrooper....lmao
  • Pilot said 253 weeks ago

    I joined just so I could voice my disappointment that "trooper 57" is not in fact TK421.

    Though if I had 9bux, I'd buy it fo sho.
  • BubbaNush said 253 weeks ago

    And he's friends with R2!! Wtf
  • lunartan said 253 weeks ago

    i really dig the side art. & although vader made me chuckle, not my style - though i'm sure it'll appeal to many others. keep creating
  • loakey said 253 weeks ago

    Funny but I don't want this in shirt form.

    But I LOVE the guitar playing robot on the side! Anyone know if it is in shirt form or where I can get it?

  • chad.walker said 253 weeks ago

    I likes it! Had to join for this one.
  • naytally said 253 weeks ago

    Bwahahaha Wish I would have had this one for Dragon*Con!
  • Omnitarian said 253 weeks ago

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    Hmm... would much rather have had a shot at Taipei Rocks (the robot with a guitar) from the side there.
  • shutts67 said 253 weeks ago

    So tempted. That's what my mom used to call it...
  • Stexe said 253 weeks ago

    Birthday Jan 5th? I didn't know they had a month of Jan in the Star Wars universe...
  • wringz said 253 weeks ago

    It's cute as a comic panel but totes not for me.

    I like the green robot on the right tho.
  • wringz said 253 weeks ago

    erh blue robot.
  • muffinman8380 said 253 weeks ago

    ahhhhhhh soooo tempting. i hate not having 11 bucks to spare.
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