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ANNOUNCEMENT: Like we promised, we spent the proceeds from the last week's Collaboration tee and purchased some prizes that we've been giving out. To commemorate our first Flip the Nine promotional, we are having a contest for our Teefury fans.

We are giving away a Flip Mino Camcorder! (60 Minutes Black) Oooooo and Ahhhhh!

31OeA62-WfL._SL500_AA280_.jpg How does one go about winning this aforementioned Flip Mino Camcorder?

Just post the most creative photo(s) of one of our shirts in our Post Your Fury, Win a Flippy! thread found HERE

Be creative! Put one of our shirts on your pet dog or horse and photograph him, or climb to the top of the Sphinx in Egypt and get a photo of yourself, just make sure a Teefury shirt is in it.

Our panel of judges, Teevil, T-bird, Dead Bird (never has much to say), and the Teefury Staff will review the photos and then award one lucky winner the Flip Mino Camcorder.

We'll have other small prizes too so don't count yourself out!

Teefury Staff



  • gaby99 said 259 weeks ago

    i love 31
  • stablercake said 259 weeks ago

    stablercake's Teefury Badges
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    • Get off my lawn
    That chtulu one is the rattata!
  • stablercake said 259 weeks ago

    stablercake's Teefury Badges
    Latest badge unlocked:
    • Arteest
    • Get off my lawn
    Oh right.

  • fatalligator said 259 weeks ago

    I love it!

    lol'd at Dead Bird (never has much to say)
  • peppersagooddog said 259 weeks ago

    i knew they were gonna get better and better, but wow... better than i expected lol
  • CPUT99 said 259 weeks ago

    23 & 31 equals groovy. Especially 23... as it's... right in the middle. I dig it. -twiddles thumbs waiting for the 3rd collab tee =P- 3rd time's the charm, right? haha..
  • CPUT99 said 259 weeks ago

    6$??? Whaaaat? Hmm huh hmmmm... haha...
  • matt2kool said 259 weeks ago

    like it a lot! much more than the first one. and the colors are great.

    and $6?! awesome!

    thank for being amazing as usual tee fury :)
  • mrwednesday said 259 weeks ago

    Really liked it since I saw it yesterday but I am still a little unsure of of wreath-like arrangement. But with the amazing teevils and for only $6 who am I kidding? I'm buying it.
  • rileyper said 259 weeks ago

    So if i ordered 3 that would be 6+6+6.....oooo thats teevil
  • CPUT99 said 259 weeks ago

    Ironically despite the tee being about Teeeeeeeeevilllllll (maniacal laughter) it kind of resembles a peace sign to me. Or more accurately, a target. Blablabla. haha..
  • ladynightshade said 259 weeks ago

    Love the colors. Looks kind of like a bullseye when I look at it just right
  • icecube said 259 weeks ago

    No big bird, awesome shirt, $6... arrrgh! You just had to make me want to spend more money when I should be conserving it.
  • silvioislame said 259 weeks ago

    great tee

    for only 6 bucks you have to buy it

    Great way to celebrate the birthday week or month or err however long you guys feel like celebrating
  • melbel said 259 weeks ago

    My favorite is without a doubt #22

    I think that is a great idea for a give away, I look forward to seeing all the pictures!
  • Pung0 said 259 weeks ago

    So happy to have one of my designs on a teefury shirt, even if its a collab. :]

    Hopefully ill have a shirt of my own soon. [once i can afford a good drawing program]
  • cuteaskittens said 259 weeks ago

    Awesome shirt & great work from everyone involved. I can see the target, but personally I think it looks more like a "Teevil-Eye" of sorts - if I were looking for something like that. Also, #30 is brilliant. Every good Dead Bird needs a GhosT-bird!
  • astnrocker said 259 weeks ago

    The designs are amazing. Good job everyone. I am whining black shirts right now though because every shirt I buy on teefury is black. Hopefully the next one will be on a different color shirt.
  • Anonymous said 259 weeks ago

    Anonymous's Teefury Badges
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    • 2UP
    Will most definitely be getting
  • GeriMars said 259 weeks ago

  • kxsoccer31 said 259 weeks ago

    wow this is soooo good
  • adamsw216 said 259 weeks ago

    Not completely sold on the layout, but for $8 w/ shipping, I'm down.
  • Irrelevant said 259 weeks ago

    Abby - Congrats on getting your first print!
  • mstreiter said 259 weeks ago

    Bought. Sweet. And it's not just because I'm drunk!! LOL
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