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There were tons of awesomely creative entries, but our grand prize winner of the Flip Mino camcorder is AitorH with his epic portrait of a skydiving monster collab tee! Who knew TeeFury shirts could fly? ;)

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this contest! -


  • dunz0 said 257 weeks ago

  • Kimoppi said 257 weeks ago

    TEE HEE!! Too cute!
  • minus182 said 257 weeks ago

    could be better if it wasn't baby blue
  • SonBear said 257 weeks ago

    OMG I luff Mariokart
  • blessed251 said 257 weeks ago

    I like Super Mario, but the shirt is too plain!
  • itsjimmylol said 257 weeks ago

    Why the fetch not? I'll take it!
  • Mixer23 said 257 weeks ago

    Why is the maytag dude handing out traffic citations?
  • Motogrl06 said 257 weeks ago

    I am laughin! great T but not sure of the baby blue
  • ladynightshade said 257 weeks ago

    Yes, this is epic. Especially since it has Donkey Kong Jr in it. I remember playing the SNES game and how angry you'd get on rainbow road when your friend would chase you with red shells and you'd spin out into the star thwomps.... and then you would spend the rest of the time trying to get back at them, and you would just end up falling off the track again and again and again.. haha.

    I might have to consider buying this shirt for nostalgia's sake
  • SundayEsquire said 257 weeks ago

    Really cool concept, but I can't say I care for the colors or style much.

    I would totally buy the Street Fighter design on a black shirt though. Good stuff.
  • Kimoppi said 257 weeks ago

    After my initial giggling fit reaction, I can now critique.

    I wish that the mario characters were bigger... And why does the cop look homeless?
  • stablercake said 257 weeks ago

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    Eh, not for me.

    I mean I get it, but I'm over Super Mario D:
  • BubbaNush said 257 weeks ago

    Why is it the last person in the line to get the ticket. Obvious Bowser wasnt stopping. Wheres that red spokemon when you really need it?? Well Mario can afford the ticket. The piano combo to the right made me chuckle. Ryu and his fireballs. Combos that made my fingers pulse from pain. Gotta love it. Good job but i think the print should be bigger. The light blue is sweet. Goes withe the feel for the plain nintendo backgrounds. Anyone who was with the NES era would love it. I do but though I just got paid its not a buy today
  • ninthwheel said 257 weeks ago

    Nice David. Congrats on the print!
  • Muntoe said 257 weeks ago

    This is EXCELLENT. I used to play this game ALL the time, so I am seriously considering a buy or two. The simplicity makes it so much better because, c'mon, graphics weren't the best back in SNES days. :p
  • EdwardBlake said 257 weeks ago

    Holy pika, the policeman is pretty much "policegiantman." That dude is HUGE. What gives?
  • BubbaNush said 257 weeks ago

    Bowsers not in the shirt. I feel dumb. No its called i need sleep badly. Blurry vision happening. Up too long dk jr whoops
  • KyleMittskus said 257 weeks ago

    Pretty funny, but where's the cop's car?
  • slakinator said 257 weeks ago

    Dang! I always wondered who was responsible for the Hadouken piano playing design. Sir, you are a god among the internets.
  • drink alice. said 257 weeks ago

    It's really cute, good idea, if I was into Mario this would be sold in a minute, but I am not.
    I am linking some friends who are Mario obsessed to the page, though. o:
  • steveomac said 257 weeks ago

    very funny! good job! where can i buy the street fighter shirt?
  • Musashi said 257 weeks ago

    I love the design and the work on the side is great, especially the Street Fighter. Too bad TeeFury doesn't have kid sizes, my 5 year old nephew is a Mario Kart addict on the Wii. Maybe my sister would be interested in a women's small for him to sleep in. The only gripe I do have is I'm not fond of the officer's uniform, it does sort of make him homeless like Kimoppi said.
  • Anonymous said 257 weeks ago

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    The coolest shirt I've seen in a while and it's on a light blue shirt!! I love mariokart.

    I mean it should be on a blue shirt because of the sky, but me and light blue don't go together.

    Perhaps I can make an exception....
  • jmaster876 said 257 weeks ago

    i love it
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