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The Anchor


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Want more a.mar.illo? Check out his interview over at Design By Humans :) -


  • swifteye said 262 weeks ago

    That's kind of awesome.
  • Pyrozmenace said 262 weeks ago

    Very nice! I love the texture, it looks great on the shirt :O
  • JadenKale said 262 weeks ago

    superb line art, a.mar.illo! wonderful job including all the fine details, the face, and more.
  • adamsw216 said 262 weeks ago

    Good stuff
  • swifteye said 262 weeks ago

    I really like the blue city one in the side panel.
  • sawbones84 said 262 weeks ago

  • stablercake said 262 weeks ago

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    I really like the texture! I prefer shirts with larger prints, though.
  • heartluce said 262 weeks ago

    I love the texture and the line art.
  • matt2kool said 262 weeks ago

    definitely like it. realizing that i like a.mar.illo in genreral :)
  • Tricky Dick said 262 weeks ago

    this line art is absolutely fantastic :D
  • tupaY2J said 262 weeks ago

    Where can I get that belt?!
  • thejakeyl88 said 262 weeks ago

    Tee Hee Hoo Haa. I see an anchor in there, bet I'm the first one who noticed, I just have an eye for these hidden things, just weird there are all kinds of awkward lines around the anchor. Probably is meant to resemble the straight shooter of Pirate Ships Caribbean, Somali run vacation lines. Of course if I were being serious tonight, I would have no comment.
  • robinzeggblu said 262 weeks ago

    Sorry I'm not gunna grab one, really not my thing, but I wanted to compliment you on your amazing linework. You have a great style that is very much your own, and I would love to see you on teefury again!
  • Reckoning said 262 weeks ago

    definetly just bought 1
  • Toonstar said 262 weeks ago

    too often, recently, the side art has been more appealing than the chosen shirt print.
  • melbel said 262 weeks ago

    Love love love love love it!
  • mayaka said 262 weeks ago

    OOOh really really like it!
  • akp0317 said 262 weeks ago

    i wish i had money to buy this...
  • Meulah said 262 weeks ago

    What a treat for the eyes!!! I just stare, trying to find all the hidden jewels! Love it!
  • HandsomexPoison said 262 weeks ago

    I think the concept is very cool, but the jakeyl says some funny stuff (sometimes cynically true).
  • xylotism said 262 weeks ago

    If this looks as good on a computer as it does on my phone, I'll be wearing it by next week.

    But Teebird, is it just me or are you really digging the pirate thing lately?

    Also, I want to point out that I recognize a.mar.illo's name from a recent tee on teefurycopy, and I recognize that belt from District Cotton. Someone's been a busy Barcelonian bee. Way to go, man!
  • Yathwart said 262 weeks ago

    Can't buy this one, but I will say it's rather enticing. Also, kudos to you for that piece on the right, 3rd down. Really dig it.
  • D-Mo said 262 weeks ago


    Not gonna buy on this one, but I really like the imagery on here; it's almost like something you would find on an eighteenth century woodcut. I think the color selection for this on is a bullseye, too...fine work on this one, IMHO.
  • Muntoe said 262 weeks ago

    I REALLY wish I had the money right now to buy such a cool shirt like this; the line art is fantastic!
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