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Don't Stop the Beat


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Boom! Gold metallic ink, first time ever! How's that for a birthday surprise? TeeFury loves you! Thanks for helping to make our first year such a great one! -


  • Loadedkid said 260 weeks ago

    Print the design at the bottom of the shirt and you sold me!!!
  • stablercake said 260 weeks ago

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    I'm glad you kids are venturing out with gold ink, pretty cool! The design's a little boring to me, though.
  • lysol92 said 260 weeks ago

    every design on the side is better, plus gold ink is so tacky, the artists other work is friggen awesome tho so thumbs up to andy
  • least said 260 weeks ago


    I keep listening to Move Your Feet by Junior Senior. So I might get it... Will sleep on it.
  • GeriMars said 260 weeks ago

    Oooooooooooo. Do the next birthday collaboration birdie shirt with this ink!
  • redbox said 260 weeks ago

    LOVE IT! I love metallics! Maybe birthday #2 will bring foil prints?
  • Muntoe said 260 weeks ago

    Yay sparklies!!! I'm just not that fond of the design, but still, yay gold!!!
  • Omnitarian said 260 weeks ago

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    Aww, I'm a big fan of Andy's and I would have loved to have seen something in his classic style like the stuff on the right.

    I'm generally skeptical of gold ink too but it's fine for a design like this. Depending on the specific type of metallic ink used (some are more shiny/glittery than others) it can actually look very subtle and neat.
  • cardinalgoldstein said 260 weeks ago

    Love the metal beat, yeah...
  • IronMan said 260 weeks ago

    I'm a fan. Its a very eye catching design, and the metallic ink will only help.
  • lastres0rt said 260 weeks ago

    It's good to see gold ink.

    It'll be a challenge to use in more than one-color works like this though.
  • ruinsofspacestations said 260 weeks ago

    cool, idk if you guys have printed with glow in the dark ink but that'll be cool too
  • starrydaze13 said 260 weeks ago

    broke this week so I'll have to think about it, but i like it:)
  • Nag said 260 weeks ago

    It's ok but the bear one on the side is legit tho
  • Rizza said 260 weeks ago

    I usually don't like word tees but I am so tempted to buy it.
  • Toonstar said 260 weeks ago

    haha what a great artist, that tee is meow but the metallic might make it look quite cool.
  • perez006 said 260 weeks ago

    i love it.. in every way possible. gonna beg my mom for money.
  • steveomac said 260 weeks ago

    really like the design but i'm not a fan of the gold metallic. woulda bought it if it was in bright yellow ink, that would've looked cool against the black tee.
  • Mattatya said 260 weeks ago

    Sold! Love the Design, Love the Junior Senior and love the new ink!
  • AirHendrix said 260 weeks ago

    Cool design. I love vinyl.... but for some reason I think that you should have switched the gold ink as a negative in this picture.

    It would have been killer if the record was gold. Vintage plus rare = ultimate shirt extravaganza!

    That would be ownage. This is alright though. Cool design, I'll consider buying it lol.

    I've seen better Vinyl themed shirts (Vinyl Preservation Society lol)

  • AirHendrix said 260 weeks ago

    Oh yeah, and in order for this shirt to receive max pwnage, you have to switch the text to silver and the record itself to gold like I said.

    But that's just an opinion, take it or leave it. Nice idea though but I'll pass ;D.
  • AirHendrix said 260 weeks ago

    By the way, ION Turntables rule! I have one too :) (Looking at the background of the shirt)
  • AirHendrix said 260 weeks ago

    But then again, I'm not a DJ or rap enthusiast so I guess the beat theme wouldn't fit me.

    Something with the words Spin and Circle would have cool... Sorry for the criticism though. You gotta take the good and the bad, TeeFury.
  • melbel said 260 weeks ago

    I cant wear anything with gold.. but your other designs are super cute.
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