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Literally (Air Quotes)


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I "literally" think the entire world should be following TeeFury on Twitter. -


  • EricBach22 said 261 weeks ago

    I lol'd
  • Loadedkid said 261 weeks ago

    Wouldn't wear it. Funny shirt though
  • Xamnam said 261 weeks ago

    Love it. On so many levels. Just not the monetary one. Stupid college tuition.

    Also, nice 'stache Teevil.
  • FuzzyLogic said 261 weeks ago

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    Overused phrase together with the finger quotes.
    I'm just not a type tee guy.
    Well. I have only one.

    Congrats on the print!
  • guitardriver6 said 261 weeks ago

    What? I guess I don't get why this is funny?
  • aayjay said 261 weeks ago

    Ha. Noice.
  • FuzzyLogic said 261 weeks ago

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    So funny how many people wrongly use the word "literally".
    Not an English snob, but dunno. Just bugs me. Like when people pronounce height with a TH.
  • eaddict said 261 weeks ago

    Anything but brown. I would have bought a T but brown. Ick.
  • AdderXYU said 261 weeks ago

    I'm not sure how I'm supposed to express my general disappointment with this shirt if "calm and reasoned snark" is a deletable offense.

    I still don't get how this shirt makes any sense in a seven day span allegedly set aside to be "all about the artists". If teefury disagrees with this, I hope they delete this post even faster than the last, so no one can see it and agree, and then notice that they agreed to something which had been deleted.
  • jayropedawg88 said 261 weeks ago

    haha, i know what you mean fuzzy ^_^ i used to have a friend who'd use the word "cultivate" instead of "congregate."
  • Omnitarian said 261 weeks ago

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    I would consider myself a mild English gestapo... but I've never been offended by overuse of the word literally. It's perfectly acceptable hyperbole, even Merriam Websters agrees with me on this.

    I'm not feeling this one very much design-wise either. The text feels blocky next to the just-lineart hands.
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    Teevil said 261 weeks ago

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    Guys, no insulting the artists, the curators, or people who like the shirt. Keep it constructive and leave Hot Topic or whatever out of it.
  • stablercake said 261 weeks ago

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    I get it,'s kind of lame. It's not a super original idea and I could have made this on cafepress with some royalty-free hands I found online :\

    Sorry man, you obviously have some design skills, but this doesn't show it.
  • Scarlet said 261 weeks ago

    I smiled when I saw this shirt. I've been known to air-quote literally on occasion. However, I'm ont fond enough of it to buy.

    Love the treeperson hoodie. Anywhere I could buy it?
  • guitardriver6 said 261 weeks ago

    Teevil I don't often voice my opinion on Teefury but is all the censorship really necessary. I believe this shirt has appeal, just not for me, I'm more of an artsy shirt person. This shirt would be great for someone who might be more of a jokester and likes the idea of a witty joke on their chest and in that way this shirt would be appealing. To each his own opinion.
  • guitardriver6 said 261 weeks ago

    Still waiting anxiously for the new Jimiyo design though! Coming soon as promised by MJ!
  • noliesxjustlove said 261 weeks ago

    nice tshirt. not for me though.
    how come whenever i have spare money it's never a tshirt i want to wear?
  • Muntoe said 261 weeks ago

    I'm not trying to insult anyone, but this type of shirt doesn't really strike me as something TeeFury always puts up. From the looks of your portfolio it looks like you've got some good stuff, so go for it! All I know is that a lot of people come to TeeFury for some really artistic designs, and this doesn't strike me as one.
  • AirHendrix said 261 weeks ago

    Basic. Too Basic.

    Not my style. Is That Better, Big Brother?

    Cause Otherwise I would Have Easily Said It
  • collegeryu said 261 weeks ago

    I like the idea, but not the actual layout of the shirt. Maybe if it had been placed in an area other than on the collar bone?

    Then again, I know nothing about designing shirts. It just looks a little awkward to me. That being said, the idea itself made me laugh...

    Once I understood the joke.....

  • melbel said 261 weeks ago

    I checked out your portfolio... You've got some great art. The pictures are beautiful.

    my favorite air quotes shirt is this...

    thats my friends shirt for the bar. haha
  • GeriMars said 261 weeks ago

  • curb1510 said 261 weeks ago

    Too bad that the people who get this are not the ones who need to learn how to use the word.
    Still, I like it. Now if I could just get a "hyperbole" shirt, I'd be the happiest person in the world. EVER.
  • Ogre said 261 weeks ago

    I dislike when people say "literally" about things that obviously aren't literal. I just can't see wearing it as a shirt.
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