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  • makenna said 256 weeks ago

    yay! i like it.
  • peppersagooddog said 256 weeks ago

    do want
  • Soccerfun88 said 256 weeks ago

    Looks amazing, but I'm going to have to sleep on it - don't know if I'm sold on it as a shirt.
  • Slaw said 256 weeks ago

    Very cool, but a lot going on. Going to sleep on it.
  • hockeyguy1822 said 256 weeks ago

    Thats a pretty sweet shirt but its in black. Well i guess it wouldn't go good in anything other then black though.

    It reminds me of samurai armor.
  • peppersagooddog said 256 weeks ago

    buddy ole buddy ole pal?

    i can has this available as a POSTER plz?


    k thx
  • guitardriver6 said 256 weeks ago

    Jimiyo I love your work your attention to detail is unmatched.... Unfortunately the Japanese mask is a little to intense for my style. Keep up the awesome designs, New Waves is still my favorite shirt, perfect for any occasion...
  • johnster_0003 said 256 weeks ago

    i agree with "Slaw" for the most part; its hard to tell what it is at first, but it didnt take me long to catch on. i think its wet
  • Nominate said 256 weeks ago

    Looks like Lord of Dragons from YUGIOH.
  • steveomac said 256 weeks ago

    beatiful artwork the side stuff too, too bad its not something i would wear
  • EvanOhhh said 256 weeks ago

    Crazy good details, hats off to you!
  • jasminee said 256 weeks ago

    I'm not quite sure what it is, but I think it's SERIOUS BUSINESS :D

    Not personally my style, but I think it's really cool!
  • melbel said 256 weeks ago

    Jimiyo I want this on a shirt...

  • KyleMittskus said 256 weeks ago

    Details are tremendous. I do not like the skull though.
  • stablercake said 256 weeks ago

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    Nicely rendered and placed, but the Asian-inspired isn't for me. Great tee, though Jimi C:
  • Motogrl06 said 256 weeks ago

    Nice placement and over all composition pulls together well. I am assuming it is based on the Japanese Samurai armor. Bought!
  • Visual Singularities said 256 weeks ago

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  • Kimoppi said 256 weeks ago

    As soon as the image came up I said GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

    That's well done, sir.
  • necrophyte said 256 weeks ago


    But that's not a kabutomushi. That's an atlas beetle.
  • drink alice. said 256 weeks ago

    Would buy this if I wasn't in my white shirt phase.
    The portrait of the woman to the side is lovely.
  • puck said 256 weeks ago

    Fantastic detail and lighting. Really dig the design elements like the double chin (whether that's yours, or in an original helmet you ref'd from). Would work better for me as a print, but still a fab image.
  • Muntoe said 256 weeks ago

    This is sick as always, but I couldn't pull it off as a shirt. I love the picture of the woman on the side, it's so entrancing. Anyway, I expected no less! yay jimiyo!
  • Dusa said 256 weeks ago

    Nice design, I'm not much into demonish t-shirt designs since it'd make me look like a hard metal fan or something XD but I love the talent!
  • DesignHim said 256 weeks ago

    Yea, this would make a great print.

    But as a shirt, it's a bit too muscle for me personally. The sheen and background give off some sort of... chopper / harley davidson type feel.
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