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  • nix said 261 weeks ago

  • melbel said 261 weeks ago

    I dislike to love... or do I love to dislike?
  • DesignHim said 261 weeks ago

    *puts on 3D glasses*
    It doesn't work! You're doing it wrong D:
  • FrozenFlame said 261 weeks ago

    very nice effect
  • melbel said 261 weeks ago

    aww they censor h.a.t.e. now mine makes no sense :P
  • Toonstar said 261 weeks ago

  • cls62 said 261 weeks ago

    I quite like this one!
  • TurnThePaige said 261 weeks ago

    now we wait some more for our teefury shirts.

    this is cool but i am saving my money for teefury birdie goodness.
  • Scarlet said 261 weeks ago

    I want the 1 up mushroom.
  • stablercake said 261 weeks ago

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    Cute idea, only a no-buy for me because I live in Indiana and as Hoosiers we exploit anyone from Indiana including, you guessed it, Robert Indiana.


    But I do like the play on words and it's much more modern and graphically rendered, but I can't help but see stacked "LOVE" and roll my eyes :C
  • EdwardBlake said 261 weeks ago

    You're from Indiana, Stabler? Same here.

    And yes, I thought of the same when I saw the shirt. Personally I don't see what's the big deal about the original work.
  • JustSuper said 261 weeks ago

    I get it, but at the same time, i don't really get it.

    Why is this on a shirt? hmmm.... see icon.
  • stablercake said 261 weeks ago

    stablercake's Teefury Badges
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    It got popular in the pop art movement in NYC and Hoosiers don't have anything else to cling to and they didn't want to cling to Kurt Vonnegut lol
  • lithiumconrad said 261 weeks ago

    It's nice to break the norm of skulls and animals :) I'll think about this one.
  • Phillyzero said 261 weeks ago

    Wow pretty much all the side designs I wouldn't mind wearing as a shirt (especially the 2nd one)
  • JustSuper said 261 weeks ago

    Pacman unicorns = awesomeness!!!
  • least said 261 weeks ago

    I'm not sure. I like the way it's done, took me a second to see the design, but then it was like, oh cool!
    Still I'm hesitant about the whole stacked LOVE thing, just because I see it so often.

    I also really like the colors on this though... hm...
  • KyleMittskus said 261 weeks ago

    Stabler, I like you. But watch what you say about my boy Vonnegut!!! ;)
  • thomwin said 260 weeks ago

    Super Fresh. I am all over this. quite a double entendre. a dichotomy of polarized fronts. Great theory, a tad cliche, but the aesthetic makes it jump. My first teeeee of the furyyyyyyyyyyy. Well done bra.
  • sp4lly said 260 weeks ago

    Love the work in you're portfolio. The shirt, cool, but not my type of thing.
  • challen14 said 260 weeks ago

    This shirt is sick !!!

    on a side note support the cause for breast cancer. Donate a buck!
  • Kimoppi said 260 weeks ago

    The t-shirt image hurts my eyes. They keep trying to focus on both words at the same time, and it's not working well.

    But I'm digging the green mushroom to my right.
  • melbel said 260 weeks ago

    Kimoppi... I am having the same problem but I have a problem with my eyes focusing on a lot of things.. but this one doesnt help...

    I enjoyed the portfolio very much. Keep up the good work.
  • stablercake said 260 weeks ago

    stablercake's Teefury Badges
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    I didn't mean I didn't like Vonnegut, quite the contrary I'm a big fan, but you have to think about INDIANA as a whole. We have about 1.5 "cities" and most of the other people are conservatives living in rural areas. Indiana wanted to be proud of something benign like art about love instead of good books.

    ...since in my experience much of the state isn't a fan of recreational reading.
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