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Teevil Grab Bag


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wooo grab bag -


  • kamakazi said 267 weeks ago

    YAY! COOL!
  • Mech said 267 weeks ago

    Not sure there were many t's this time around I'd want.
  • lysol92 said 267 weeks ago

    I will pay $20 for the print of bob dylan made a while back
  • mimawby said 267 weeks ago

  • JadenKale said 267 weeks ago

    I see an armadillo and an owl I wouldn't be opposed to having :)
  • Omnitarian said 267 weeks ago

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    Cooool stuff, but pretty much all the tees I would want I already own. Have fun folks.
  • spudartman said 267 weeks ago

    I ordered my three I love random stuff.
  • Renae said 267 weeks ago

    Woohoo. :D
    Hopefully will be getting two...
    I missed the second grab bag, but the first one was a success for me. :] Got one of my favorite T-Shirts from it.
  • mattwalks said 267 weeks ago

    SOOO many sweet shirts this time around
  • guitardriver6 said 267 weeks ago

    How fast will these be shipped? I remember last time it took almost two weeks before they shipped...
  • evilbread said 267 weeks ago

    Oh Teevil, you know all the right things to say.
  • Sick_Girl said 267 weeks ago

    That video certainly was amusing! I'm in for three!!
  • cmiper said 267 weeks ago

    Trying to order but Paypal is stating that TeeFury can't ship to the USA...WTF?

    "Paypal does not allow your country of residence to ship to the country you wish to"
  • randomhero326 said 267 weeks ago

    how can i order more then just 3 shirts? I wanna get 4(yes i know im crazy, but i think if i get Zombie Obama i might be the happiest person ever)
  • mayaka said 267 weeks ago

    That video was sooo great!! Yes I love the grab bag. Can't wait to see what I get!!
  • Jaxin said 267 weeks ago

    Awesomeness! I ordered myself two
  • encg said 267 weeks ago

    I regret not getting the Star Trek one... that one of Spock and the spork.
  • Rizza said 267 weeks ago

    I'm going to try this one out, hope i get a black shirt or one with an owl or missmonster on it (hint hint) ;)
  • lowbatterie said 267 weeks ago

    Holla! Here's hoping I don't get one that I bought and instead get one of the many I regret I didn't.
  • mrwednesday said 267 weeks ago

    I love the grab bags but if I get another Current I am going to scream. I've so far gotten both the men's and women's color in a men's shirt. Other wise I've been very happy with the randoms.
  • kitsunegari said 267 weeks ago

    Yay! Can't wait! Is there a way to order more than three? This is my first grab bag order...eegads!
  • peppersagooddog said 267 weeks ago

    2 teefury orders in 2 days... man its been a long time since i did that
    *prays to fury gods for a monster collab since i missed it :(*

    ps i love you
  • Lynxeh said 267 weeks ago

    I was actually quite upset that I learned of Teefury a day after the "it's not lupus" shirt.... so if I knew that I had a huge chance at getting it, I would.... other than that, I bought most of the shirts that I wanted.
  • snarkygal said 267 weeks ago

    YAY! In for 3. Prays to Teevil that I get shirts I don't already have (which means the monster collab, which I already have 2 of) LOL\

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