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  • unfurling said 261 weeks ago

  • Loadedkid said 261 weeks ago

  • stablercake said 261 weeks ago

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    Cool up close, but the yellow/cream is way too light and washes it out from far away.

    I prefer that second one down on the right :U
  • Nnenene said 261 weeks ago

    Looks cool... I'll have to sleep on it. I agree about the second one on the right though. Awesome work!
  • Yathwart said 261 weeks ago

    Not bad, but the praying hands with the rosaries aren't my cup.
  • punkxxnvrxxdies said 261 weeks ago

    that is pretty damn cool
  • Sirknifesalot said 261 weeks ago

    Looks interesting but I dont' get it. I see the praying hands and all but huh?
  • sawbones84 said 261 weeks ago

    macabre, nice
  • ctbeiser said 261 weeks ago

    SO would have bought #2 on the right. That's less than 6 colours, isn't it? Yeah. But no, teefury HAS to choose the one with the skull. You're approaching nearly one of every two now.
  • nomnomnom said 261 weeks ago

    glorious work.
  • wringz said 261 weeks ago

    I really want the white shirt on the right. too bad it's not on skaicandy anymore :( the teefury design seems so different from his other designs. Also, skull.
  • Mike Regan said 261 weeks ago

    i like this stuff, especially the first two on the right. even his name is cool, just hearing "skaicandy" makes me think about lightning flavored food, aaand now i'm feeling hungry

  • Eppster said 261 weeks ago

    Aw man, I really like this. I may have to buy one.
  • GeriMars said 261 weeks ago

    This would be great developed as a surreal oil painting -- VERY POWERFUL imagery!
  • AlvinPing said 261 weeks ago

    I'm loving the color scheme on this!
  • huginsjol said 261 weeks ago

    This technically isn't a skull... just saying. ;)
  • IronMan said 261 weeks ago

    This shirt is made of win.
  • electrikFrenzy said 261 weeks ago

    Every single element is from a Go Media Arsenal Vector Set.
  • Mech said 261 weeks ago

    #2 would've been awesome. However, a lot of these shirts are a lot of ink to wear. I think for larger designs like that one and a lot of the "full shirt" ideas, they would be better off printed with water-based inks and the use of discharge printing for the darker shirts. Just my 2 cents.

    I like this design, but I think it reminds me of Alex Grey's work.
  • Mech said 261 weeks ago

    electrikFrenzy brings up a good point.
  • AirHendrix said 261 weeks ago


    This has purpose and color! I love this guy's feel for his work. Cool designs, bro.
  • guitardriver6 said 261 weeks ago


    Can you provide a link to some of the elements that are from that vector set?
  • guitardriver6 said 261 weeks ago

    I guess it is a collage of different vector elements the final presentation looks pretty good the way they are all arrange to make it a dramatic scene with things blended together....
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