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Free Form Argyle


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This design makes me think of TeeFury's Facebook page, where the reaction to sneak peeks usually starts out normal... and then takes on a life of its own! :) -


  • Vidox said 262 weeks ago

    Ehh not really for me, but it is a nice design. Love the stuff on the right as well. Good luck with this one!
  • youngmc33 said 262 weeks ago

    I'm not a huge fan of argyle, but I do really like the last one on the right. Would wear that in a heartbeat.
  • NRobbins85 said 262 weeks ago

    I enjoy this shirt! Glad to get one. pocketmonsters?
  • wringz said 262 weeks ago

    Ack I dislike it when I end up wanting the design on the right hand side.
  • themidgardknight said 262 weeks ago

  • Reckoning said 262 weeks ago

    ooo i like
  • themidgardknight said 262 weeks ago

    Hahaha, I should have read first...
  • EdwardBlake said 262 weeks ago

    On the right....

    First one is up for vote on DBH.

    Last one will be up on anothersite tomorrow, IIRC.
  • stablercake said 262 weeks ago

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    I like the ones on the right, but the one up for sale is kind of boring. I know it's supposed to play on a boring design,'s still kind of boring to me :c
  • williamduff05 said 262 weeks ago

  • snowstar84 said 262 weeks ago

    its fun. great shirt but not something i would buy.

    i love the first cityscape. it almost looks like you're looking into someones chest and thats what they have inside of them. very 3D!

    love and super-kisses tang yau hoong
  • snowstar84 said 262 weeks ago

    and i love that the second cityscape looks like trees.

    its two in one. fantabulous
  • Euphoria said 262 weeks ago

    sick but no cash!
  • matt2kool said 262 weeks ago

    kinda boring

    but the city shirt is amazing. good luck on the DBH 10k. would definitely buy that shirt.
  • Toonstar said 262 weeks ago

    this made me giggle :) i like it
  • TurnThePaige said 262 weeks ago

    i do enjoy this, but i am not going to buy.

    i absolutely LOVE the others on the side,
    and wish teefury had put them up.
    quick its not too late
  • teeheehee said 262 weeks ago

  • Educated Savage said 262 weeks ago

    Love this one!
  • Muntoe said 262 weeks ago

    This is nice and all, but I can't picture myself wearing it. The ones on the side bar, however, are awesome!
  • RedSky said 262 weeks ago

    Last shirt on the right is brilliant.
  • logotron said 262 weeks ago

    Finally there is a shirt here which I can buy (after a long time where only totally crazy shirts have been sold).
  • jayropedawg88 said 262 weeks ago

    but...i like argyle :(
  • guitardriver6 said 262 weeks ago

    I agree with all the other posters the one on the bottom right is incredible... been watching it a long time, is it/will it be available anywhere? Consider it purchased if so....
  • PrinceFiyer0 said 262 weeks ago

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