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Terror Bear


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"Oh my word, a carebear on a rampage?? What were the curators thinking?"

If you've ever had that thought, here's your answer: follow TeeFury's curators on Twitter (Jimiyo, Sonmi and MJ) and you'll know far more than you ever dreamed of! And of course, if you aren't following TeeFury yet, you should be! -


  • Snowy said 263 weeks ago

    It's pretty pink
  • chrisdgriffin said 263 weeks ago

    This is better teefury. More on par, good stuff :)
  • Scarlet said 263 weeks ago

    I wish it was more grotesque.
  • Mixer23 said 263 weeks ago

    Yay, a shirt curated by MJ! On another note, I didn't know if it had been mentioned before or if anyone was even looking for it but... The card deck by the BRC is finally in stock. You can find it here:
  • IAmTheBorg said 263 weeks ago

    My teefury drought is over! Huzzah, huzzah!
  • IAmTheBorg said 263 weeks ago

    Also, I do believe that is Love-a-Lot Bear!
  • naivenostalgia said 263 weeks ago

    This is awesome.
  • flavorlishios said 263 weeks ago

    i like the womens color better
  • lithiumconrad said 263 weeks ago

    lol, I like this! I agree with flavorlishios about the women's shirt color. The guy's is still fine though.
  • jerimiah_is_on_fire said 263 weeks ago

    Great, really great. Cept I'm not digging the blue girls shirt so much. XS men's it is. Nice work.
  • BonjourPrincess said 263 weeks ago

    would it be too cheesy to wear this to an iwrestledabearonce concert?
  • Replenish said 263 weeks ago

    Finally a shirt I can buy :)
  • sawbones84 said 263 weeks ago

    hahahaha, good stuff
  • thefatunicorn said 263 weeks ago

    Is that a postosucus eating a deer?! ---->

    Because if so, EPIC WIN.
  • FuzzyLogic said 263 weeks ago

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    "Except I'm pretty sure that he wanted loads of bears... I didn't have time for loads of bears :)"

    I have time for loads of bears.
    *evil grin*
  • Ghafook said 263 weeks ago

    Been checking out tees here for months, first time member and purchase today! *applause*
  • rodrat said 263 weeks ago

    omg love this
    love the side art as well
    if only i had money :(
    bought too many shirts already
  • horimono said 263 weeks ago

    Bam!!! Sold! Cutesy + Bloody= Happy Girlfriend!!! WOOT!
  • Tweezers18 said 263 weeks ago

    Why are guys not allowed to have turquoise shirts? *sigh*
    I'll have to think about it
  • Phillyzero said 263 weeks ago

    Alright this one is going to be a close call for me, going to have to sleep on it. The guy color looks fantastic.
  • TurnThePaige said 263 weeks ago

    this is pretty sweet, and creative.
    but i am more for the artsy, and this is more of a
    slap a design shirt, ya know?

    kudos tho :]
  • weflewairplanes said 263 weeks ago

    Is this shirt inspired by this Dan Meth short? First thing I thought of.
  • MischievousGrin said 263 weeks ago

    My nickname since childhood has been Care Bear. But all of my friends have always referred to me as "Terror Bear."

  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 263 weeks ago


    June 19, 2009
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