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The Terminated March


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Welcome to the dark side... And a few other sides, too ;)

So, I wanted to call this "The Ultimate Reveal" or "When you see it you'll smurf bricks - in fact you'll smurf five bricks", but I thought The Terminated March would be a lot more work safe and much more telling - without actually telling :)


So, here's a challenge to everyone: let's come up with as many mash-up lines as we can!! Let me kick off:

"Luke, I... will be back"

"Come with me if you... want to use the force"

ok they're not great :P But they're a start :P


By the way, as Murphy would have it, is down due to a fail of a server... So please check me out at my profile here instead... Tuism's profile!

Enjoy your 24 Bad-ass hours! :D -


  • Tuism said 269 weeks ago

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    Oh by the way, if you're on emptees, I would reeeaaaallly appreciate it if you throw some love that way!

    me never gotten an awesome score on emptees yet :(
  • ShellyShenoy said 269 weeks ago

    Ah, Darth. I'd say long time no see, but you were just dressed in picnic clad on this site a few days ago. Sigh. Though admittedly, though not a fan of the enterprise, this shirt is pretty awesome.
  • DrSpoq said 269 weeks ago

  • rivetheart said 269 weeks ago

    brilliant ;D
  • Leester said 269 weeks ago

    Hasta la vista... Obi Wan Kenobi
  • HandsomexPoison said 269 weeks ago

    I just wish the troopers weren't in the background.
  • ishmaelone said 269 weeks ago

    i actually see four references...predator anyone?
  • ShellyShenoy said 269 weeks ago

    Oh sorry, I didn't realize the request here... let me do my best:

  • swifteye said 269 weeks ago

    I also wish the troopers weren't in the background.....but who knows, maybe it'll grow on me throughout the day.
  • weaksauce said 269 weeks ago

    maybe if i was either goth, creepy, or a nerdy star wars fan i would like this... too bad im none of the above.
  • swolejenkins said 269 weeks ago

    Love it.
  • babygothangel said 269 weeks ago

    unable to resist ... must buy another tefury shirt ...

    good thing i'm a mildly nerdy goth girl. lawl.
  • Muntoe said 269 weeks ago

    Oh god I love that hello world one on the right

    Also I have too many black shirts already, and I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars or Terminator, so imma have to parse on this one
  • Snoballz said 269 weeks ago

    I see the references to Star Wars, Terminator, Predator, and Lord of the Rings. What's the fifth?
  • ZealotGlobal said 269 weeks ago

    i'm a pretty big star wars addict, and vader happens to be my fave character.
    this is the most amazing shirt i've ever seen...
    now let's get 11 bucks...
  • mxn52 said 269 weeks ago

    have to agree this is a wicked shirt i haven't bought for a while but i have to buy this no matter wat but i will wat till i wake up to do so awesome shirt Tuism keep up the great work
  • peppersagooddog said 269 weeks ago

    my guess for the 5th is phantom of the opera lol. i just dont know WHY.
  • coolseek said 269 weeks ago

    SNATCH? Frankie Four Fingers? Looks like he is missing a finger.
  • Teknikas said 269 weeks ago

    @ babygothangel - "good thing i'm a mildly nerdy (SEEMINGLY HOT judging from that tiny arse picture :P) goth girl."

    My Co-worker is prolly gonna dig this here in a bit when he gets here. As for me, I'll prolly parse...been awhile since I've snagged a teefury shirt :/
  • wesshull said 269 weeks ago

    With the teeth, I'm getting more of a boomer (as in Bubblegum Crisis) feel than Terminator... example pic for those who haven't seen: Boomer1.jpg
  • Munkey4181 said 269 weeks ago

    "Hello starshine the earth says hello!" :D awesome.
  • panny said 269 weeks ago

    i dig this! and i love the hello kitty on the side :D
  • Hopey said 269 weeks ago

    The fifth is a Jin-Roh reference? That was my first thought seeing the round red glowing eyes.
  • Seekay said 269 weeks ago

    omg xD This is so typical. This is a design that I finally LIKE and I just went broke from shirt.woot. =P

    Awesome design, very creative.
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