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  • Chellio said 264 weeks ago

    It's not for me, but this shirt is nice. Definitely better than the other tees I've been seeing around here lately
  • Linesks27 said 264 weeks ago

    I LOVE his stuff, another great one!!!
  • cbass99 said 264 weeks ago

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    big fan of your work tobias! this art takes up the tee nicely.
  • spectacularly said 264 weeks ago

    I love the simplicity of the art. Nice work. (:
  • TurnThePaige said 264 weeks ago

    why not choose an animal print?
    bahh i want a new shirt it has been too long :[
  • Scarlet said 264 weeks ago

    I like. Going to sit on it a while before I make a purchase decision.
  • huginsjol said 264 weeks ago

    At first blush I hated this but after looking at it for a few minutes I really like the concept. Nice work, not my style though.
  • TurnThePaige said 264 weeks ago

    if the chameleon is available on a shirt somewhere hit me upp :]
  • Phillyzero said 264 weeks ago

    Ooo close call...I really like the actual design, but the "kelly green" seems a bit bright.
  • stablercake said 264 weeks ago

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    A little arts-and-crafts-at-camp for my taste, but I love the color combination on the girl's shirt.

    And I ADORE that chameleon with a 'stache.

    ...moustaches...and...all that...
  • rodrat said 264 weeks ago

    wow i really like this and i have no money for it at all :(

    and i love the panda shirt design too!

    i really wish i could buy this :(
  • endorphinaddict said 264 weeks ago

    nice treeshirt would getit if i ha d my other one but its still not here
  • aayjay said 264 weeks ago

    I like this design but I like 'the coolest bears on earth' a lot more. Print that one please.
  • illegallydead said 264 weeks ago

    I'm digging this man, I am going to say a definite maybe. This will be my first I have considered in a long while now, glad to see some semblance of cool shirts returning to teefury... (no offense to the other artists out there, it's just that so few have been at all remotely my style)
  • xylotism said 264 weeks ago

    Well, that was the easiest sell ever. Awesome design, perfect colors. Great to wear anywhere.
  • moral savvy said 264 weeks ago

    I want to like this and am sorely tempted to buy it, but I'm not sold on it yet. I'll have to sleep on it
  • Gillz said 264 weeks ago

    I'm feelin the panda shirt on the side
  • Banjobr said 264 weeks ago

    nossa, Camiseteria, Teefury, tudo ao mesmo tempo, parabs \o/
  • BadlyDrawnGuitar said 264 weeks ago

    I like it better in color:
  • Crescendo said 264 weeks ago

    I loveee this.
    But should I buy it?
    What if there's an even better one tomorrow???
    Sighhhh, the most common TeeFury dilemma.
  • jayropedawg88 said 264 weeks ago

    beautiful :) the design is great, especially on the green. so great, in fact, that i, a girl, am going to buy and wear the guy's shirt!
  • Vidox said 264 weeks ago

    Love this design! Im gonna sleep on it, my skin tone doesnt usually work with yellow but i do love it... xP
  • Soccerfun88 said 264 weeks ago

    It's nice, but a bit boring imo.

    I'm still waiting for a teefury shirt on this Kelly Green color that I want; I don't have a single green shirt and I personally think most green shirts aren't that great looking.

    And yeah, the chameleon side art is awesome.
  • DrSpoq said 264 weeks ago

    I'm really not sure why people like this shirt, its pretty damn boring. Next please. :)
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