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This design has been scheduled to run today for weeks now, but the current coup in Honduras makes it feel very timely. If only all revolutions were for the people... -


  • nviccione said 264 weeks ago

  • Cysquatch said 264 weeks ago

  • Nnenene said 264 weeks ago

    Interesting design, I just wouldn't ever wear it.
  • Scarlet said 264 weeks ago

    I really like this shirt. I even like the blank color. I just don't know if this is something I would wear.
  • Phillyzero said 264 weeks ago

    Not a fan of random splatter brushes on top :P
  • Lynxeh said 264 weeks ago

    Too crowded. Nice idea for a poster, not for a shirt.
  • Scarlet said 264 weeks ago

  • stablercake said 264 weeks ago

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    You'd think I'd be all for this, moustache and everything, but it seems a lot like yesterday's. I like the idea, but it's got an incredibly "look what I found that I didn't have to pay rights to and threw some photoshop magic on" type of feel.
  • penelope said 264 weeks ago

    I actually REALLY like this design. very appropriate for a tee and good artistic composition. definitely buying tonight.
  • KyleMittskus said 264 weeks ago


    You always say what I want to but it sounds so much cooler out of your mouth... or fingers. It's probably the mustache huh?
  • Oiseau said 264 weeks ago

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    freakin nice!
  • huginsjol said 264 weeks ago

    Funny how this is called for the people considering the demands by the people for a Billy Mays shirt. But as you said it was scheduled... tomorrow?
  • AngelinaJoliesLips said 264 weeks ago

    Here we go again, the fussy old drama queens are here, complaining about how the design was done.

    I like it.
  • AdderXYU said 264 weeks ago

    I for one am shocked there is not a teefury bird with a bottle of oxyclean and some mighty mend-it.

    I guess one must thank god for small victories.
  • Teknikas said 264 weeks ago

    MJ memorial shirt the other day and no Billy Mays shirt today?! WTF...I mean, I wasn't hoping for some tearful bird with a beard and wearing an oxiclean shirt or anything, but it would've been cool to simply have that crazy bastards (crazy bastard in a good way, seemed like a cool dude and I found it amazing how he could get me excited about a toilet bowl cleaner at 3am, brilliant)face on a shirt with his epic line "Billy Mays here with another fantastic product!" or something. Idk, if I wasn't at work and tired as tarnation I'd take more time to think about what I woulda considered to be a cool BMays shirt, but I'm not a tshirt designer...I just buy em' when I think they're cool and I'm sure someone will come up with something.
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 264 weeks ago

    LOVES IT! Now this is the Tee Fury I know!!!

    June 19, 2009
  • splatterhouse said 264 weeks ago

    screw that, there needs to be a proper mj shirt. Zombie thriller MJ anyone?
  • Snowy said 264 weeks ago

    Was hoping for Billy Mays shirt.
  • AdderXYU said 264 weeks ago

    said 10 seconds ago
    screw that, there needs to be a proper mj shirt. Zombie thriller MJ anyone?

    Oh, You Mean Like This?

    Part of why people get so up in arms about creativity and originality here is because the sheer amount of stuff that has already been done makes it all the more praiseworthy when something at least partly original comes out. Zombie thriller clearly isn't that
  • bkent said 264 weeks ago

    I'm with Teknikas and Snowy.

    Billy Mays...
  • Deathraiderps said 264 weeks ago

    I want a Billy Mays shirt. He was the man and need to be remembered. I mean you guys did a Michael Jackson why not Billy?
  • adamsw216 said 264 weeks ago

    Well, if they printed tribute shirts for everyone who dies we'd never see anything else. You could run a whole different website dedicated to shirts that are tributes to celebrities or other famous figures.

    I guess that goes to show how they probably shouldn't do any tribute shirts here... people will just keep complaining.
  • splatterhouse said 264 weeks ago

    @AdderXYU of course not like that. dont be an ass.
  • almondroca said 264 weeks ago

    "Michael Jackson why not Billy?" Because Billy Mays isn't a (worldwide) household name. If people do know him, he's known as the Oxy guy. Besides, one of the better pitchmen and inventors is Ron Ronco Popeil.

    I like CBASS99's iteration of this design submission at another tee site. That design wasn't as "busy."
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