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We're really glad to have Sonmi on board as our newest curator! This is her first curated design, and a great note to start out on :) -


  • jaysea420 said 267 weeks ago

  • PrettyBlackRose said 267 weeks ago

    Beautiful Colours :)
  • jadedre said 267 weeks ago

    Ooh, it's a pretty owl.
  • stablercake said 267 weeks ago

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    Is really buggering awesome

    The girls shirt has AWESOME COLORS.

    Augh I don't have the money for this D:
  • shutts67 said 267 weeks ago

    I really like the girl one... but I is not a girl ::sad face::
  • Courtchu said 267 weeks ago

    This is so great....I would buy it if I had money :(
  • xtiffany said 267 weeks ago

    the background camouflages the owl.

    not my thang.
  • EdwardBlake said 267 weeks ago

    An owl?! AWESOME FIRST PICK, SONMI! However, this is on heather gray? Could we have a close up of the design on heather gray?
  • Stormink said 267 weeks ago

    Love the texture on this one. shart I really love that texture! smurfin' sweet!
  • matt2kool said 267 weeks ago

    I like this except for the "lucky day" part
  • AdderXYU said 267 weeks ago

    This is pretty much what I was expecting from a sonmi curation. It kinda gives her own artistic vibe as well as the other artist's. Nice choice.

    Also, the keytar squirrel on the sidebar is pretty epic
  • JadenKale said 267 weeks ago

    OMG this owl is spectacular! Wonderful piece to choose, Sonmi! And Matty... this is a great piece. Both this one and the owl in the sidebar! He looks so evil over there.
  • TINT said 267 weeks ago

    I love this design!!!! But I'm gutted the guys tee isn't the turquoise.

    Every teefury tee I own is either on a black or a grey/whitish colour tee, I've always wanted a bright coloured tee from this site but none have taken my fancy yet!
  • KidHoliday said 267 weeks ago

    Blue > Gray
  • Santic4 said 267 weeks ago

    LOVE This Kind of ART!!! it looks great on the shirt !!! too cool

    im for sure buying, and joining the fan club!
  • BreakIntro said 267 weeks ago

    Wow I like this one alot.
    To bad for the bleu, would have even liked it more on the blue tee for the man.
    If I could I buyed it already :(
  • makenna said 267 weeks ago

    I would totally buy this if the mens were available in blue...I am a girl, but wear men's sizes...oh well. It is totally an awesome design though.

    I also absolutely love the first three pics to the side as well. I especially wish that the third one down were available on a shirt...I can relate to that drawing...a lot.
  • the_jcw said 267 weeks ago

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    loving this one, I like the color choice for the mens shirt
  • StuartTheMan said 267 weeks ago

    I really want that squirrel on a shirt.....
  • vilnolin said 267 weeks ago

    i so bought reminds me of the movie MirrorMask...the side bars are awesome too!
  • bryan_el_rabano said 267 weeks ago

    Not hating on your t-shirt it's nice but
    what is up with all the animals and stuff?
  • dartstothesea said 267 weeks ago

  • 4Sevens said 267 weeks ago

    Oh, this is nice!
  • Sick_Girl said 267 weeks ago

    Boy do I love that pony on the sidebar!
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