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Dead Inside


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This is Zombie Teevil's favorite shirt. I'm gonna wear it and play some Resident Evil... and again when Zombieland comes out! >:D -


  • desertimported said 265 weeks ago this a copyright infringment?

    same shirt done before, click here

    it'll say no outside linking, just hit enter on the address bar to refresh the image.
  • DesignHim said 265 weeks ago

    Nicely done. Rare to see type tee's on here :)
  • maskoficarus said 265 weeks ago

    Boooo. Art thievery.
  • KyleMittskus said 265 weeks ago

    In addition to desertimported's find:
  • andtracee said 265 weeks ago

    Fairly sure I had a shirt JUST LIKE this 12 years ago....when I was in High school....that I got from Hot Topic when it was still slightly cool.

    I come to tee fury for UNIQUE shirts....
  • KyleMittskus said 265 weeks ago

    This is VERY disappointing Teefury.
  • redbox said 265 weeks ago

    What's with all the 90's T's? I thought we left that behind in... well, the 90's.
  • devyanks90 said 265 weeks ago

    i have a feeling we'll be seeing the bird
  • Omnitarian said 265 weeks ago

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    Wow. 10 year old joke and apparently printed somewhere else before. Not good Teefury.
  • eludingsun said 265 weeks ago

    aw. dead birds gonna be back so soon?
  • desertimported said 265 weeks ago

    *crossing fingers for dead bird* I've got red and black so far.
  • onewithcurls said 265 weeks ago

    Boring and stolen... Good job. D:
  • andtracee said 265 weeks ago

    Actually, this gives me hope. If this makes the cut, I should start submitting. I could do a lot better.
  • digitalnicotine said 265 weeks ago

    I hope the dead bird shirt is red this time. :)
  • disgruntledchao said 265 weeks ago

    Can you guys actually put up artistic tees for once? Cut the stuff that's "funny," it's shart.
  • makenna said 265 weeks ago

    It really isn't cool to support copied designs....he shouldn't be getting money for resubmitting somebody's else's work. It really isn't fair, and it isn't a good example for other artists...
  • icecube said 265 weeks ago

    Dead Bird anyone?
  • KyleMittskus said 265 weeks ago

    What do I get if I buy this and then they pull it?
  • horimono said 265 weeks ago

    Can someone please make a cool shirt?! I was on a roll buying so many and I stopped at the Ninja Turtles shirt and have been disappointed ever since... :( come on giraffe street signs and now this? LAME!
  • eludingsun said 265 weeks ago

    i agree with disgruntledchao, i am really sick of 'funny' shirts. they are good once in awhile. but i liked this site for it's artsy shirts, not for it's humor.
  • ladynightshade said 265 weeks ago

    It would almost be entirely appropriate to dead bird this design.

    Not just because it's a stolen design, but just the irony of the current shirt turning into a dead bird shirt.
  • desertimported said 265 weeks ago

    There are so many envelope pushers out there really deserving of the spotlight that teefury brings to their work. I could find a handful in less than an hour surfing through deviantart.

    Thought provoking, aesthetically pleasing, consciousness expanding art. If it's tongue in cheek humor, make it high brow.

    We have 6dollar tees and woot for gimmicky shirts. Teefury should curating excellence!

    Lets raise the bar here.
  • Dedhed said 265 weeks ago

    I'm all for zombie-themed shirts, but this is just an uninspired co-out of a design. I agree with andtracee that if this made the cut, then I should start submitting...
  • disgruntledchao said 265 weeks ago

    You guys need to put up more shirts like "Audioheart," actual art that makes me want to buy it to actually wear, not because it's "lol reference to movie/show."
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