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Life is Not a Game


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If life WAS a game, I think that whoever got the most followers would win. (ps- follow TeeFury on Twitter) -


  • FlashyArse said 273 weeks ago


  • lysol92 said 273 weeks ago

    AWESOME TEE, definately buying
  • knickerbockers said 273 weeks ago


    just kidding, i very much dig this shirt
  • Edgeward said 273 weeks ago

  • smittenkitten said 273 weeks ago

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    playful and fun. Love it.
  • TragicallyHip said 273 weeks ago

    Definite buy! Love it!
  • atomicchild said 273 weeks ago

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    awesome man congrats
  • nyboy1217 said 273 weeks ago

    I want that hip hop shirt!!!
  • Teknikas said 273 weeks ago

    LOL, it is amazing how much I can relate to this shirt at this very moment. My job is getting f'd over (as of today, but it's been a long time coming), family problems, personal & relationship problems (poor me right lol)...this shirt will be awesome as a comical representation of my current situation! Humor is the best way to deal with a rough situation imho, definitely buyin' this one!
  • avila said 273 weeks ago

    why all the nerdy t-shirts all of a sudden
  • Olechka said 273 weeks ago

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    Very cute! I love the way the color of the tee serves as the sky. Are those clouds in the back? is this heaven? ;)
  • L3g3ndQ said 273 weeks ago

    WTF!?!?!? pass!!! looks to much like a lil kids shirt. I guess its ok if you are a kid, Girl, or a TobiasFunke man B^( enough with the cute happy go lucky shirts, lets have sum real art / awesome designs on shirts no more coloring book pages slapped on tees B^(

    how bout a new Teefury bird?? ill settle for that geesh!
  • rosebudflowerpower said 273 weeks ago

    love it! bought :)
  • Stormink said 273 weeks ago

    Sorry, but this is the kind of simple idea design that I look to have nicely illustrated instead of quickly done. The perspective on the machine is fine but the art on the side of it doesn't fit with the perspective at all. The FluffySpam on the side is bigger than those on the front, and the curves of the ground aren't changed at all.

    I just would have prefered a nicer execution.

    Also, I know you have the scanlines in the clouds to make it darker from the machine in the foreground but I think there has to be a better approach that fits with the design more.

  • iCleanWater said 273 weeks ago

    I get so jealous that guys get to have that slate blue color. It's so nice.
  • stablercake said 273 weeks ago

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    Haha! Cute!

    I agree with iCleanWater here, the guys' shirt color is way cooler, but still a cute idea nonetheless :)
  • logotron said 273 weeks ago

    I think I will buy it.

    But as background color I would had choosen dark red or white.

    I would not wear this on funerals...
  • curry23 said 273 weeks ago

    i work at a print shop at school, and the white circle bg is exactly what I see from the newbie graphic design students that don't know how to use photoshop.
  • tonymontana444 said 273 weeks ago

    i dig the scrambled cassette tape on the side~~~he is definitely feeling it.
  • first said 273 weeks ago

    looks suicidal
  • DeRock said 273 weeks ago

    Got it.
    The simplicity of the design makes it look all the better.
    I don't think "he smurfs at photoshop", it's just a style.
  • Stexe said 273 weeks ago

    "Life is not a game."

    I disagree:

    Should be something more like... "Life is not a FUN game." Then you'd be factually accurate.
  • necrophyte said 273 weeks ago

    What a delightful representation of death.
  • lowbatterie said 273 weeks ago

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