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I love the writing behind the ship- the last time I saw that much text was in the Facebook comments on last night's design! So slick. -


  • TunaFist said 266 weeks ago

  • HalfroAngel said 266 weeks ago

    I love the placement! The colors, definitely define the photo.
  • lysol92 said 266 weeks ago

    Prediction: at least 15 people are gunna say i'm on a boat, or say a line from the song
  • Vo1ture said 266 weeks ago

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    It means they put glitter on the grey just for you.
  • image zipper

    Teevil said 266 weeks ago

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  • DragonSpeaker said 266 weeks ago

    I really like this one. :) That green shirt on the side is cool too. Love the design placements and muted colors.
  • TunaFist said 266 weeks ago

    I'm on a boat!!! I'm on a boat!!! Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin' on a boat!!!
  • reonmaster said 266 weeks ago

    GAHH! awesome shart id get it if i didnt just pick up 3 randoms from the grab bag HMPF.
  • tammyscumbag said 266 weeks ago

    frick land, I'm on a boat mofo!
  • betamaster09 said 266 weeks ago

    Yeah, I'm on a Boat!
    .... but I'm broke.... maybe I'll go snag some money from my twin....
  • kitsunegari said 266 weeks ago

    I like this design and the color scheme on silver looks amazing! Might have to buy it...we'll see! I also like the ones on the side, especially the green one. They all look great!
  • evilbread said 266 weeks ago

    Me wanty, but I'll have to sleep on it.
  • moral savvy said 266 weeks ago

    Gahhhh why teefury why!? I want it but I do not really have the $$ to spend ;____; I might just have to do it anyway, though.

    Question - does the image wrap around to the back or does it cut off at the seam?
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 266 weeks ago

    this would look great with my nautical themed pashmina afghan.

    but seriously folks, i really like the design and placement, a little part of me thinks the guys color doesn't compliment the design so well though.
    I might buy it, but that's a VERRRY BIG 'might'
  • kata0406 said 266 weeks ago

    I got my flippy floppies
  • Turn the Paige. said 266 weeks ago

    i realllly like it.
    but as for buying it?
    just have to think about it.
  • CYRUSXIII said 266 weeks ago

  • pianoqueen said 266 weeks ago

    love this tee
    just bought it :D
  • Minimum ooo said 266 weeks ago

    I don't know what the silver looks like. Can anyone give me an idea? Is it a light grey? Is it shiny? I want this but I don't want a shiny shirt
  • stablercake said 266 weeks ago

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    Not my taste, I seem to think I've seen this one before...


  • teecrazy said 266 weeks ago

    Really cool design, but can't buy this one! I'm just so hocked on teefury that i must wait to see what's next!!!
  • jimiyo said 266 weeks ago

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    Its not a shiny shirt. Light grey.
  • torij9 said 266 weeks ago


    I just bought the turtle one, Teefury...What more do you want from me?!

    My credit card company is going to love you like a two dollar hooker once you end up being the reason I can't make my monthly payments...
  • gambit07 said 266 weeks ago

    man I would love to get this shirt! unfortunately I know how horrible teefury shirts fit me :/ awesome design though
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