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Giraffe Crossing


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A giraffe crossing sign lets you know what to expect when you're on the road. But if you want to know what to expect on, check Facebook 30 minutes before a new design is scheduled to go up ;) -


  • Turn the Paige. said 266 weeks ago

    favorite animal=new shirt :]

    sort of box-ee tho.
    i will have to sleep on this.
  • endorphinaddict said 266 weeks ago

    pretty sure a giraffes r heaps better than horses u can ride them across a river and not get wet
  • salvucci2 said 266 weeks ago

    wait how do i order the shirt from yesterday's display?
  • Omnitarian said 266 weeks ago

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    Funny enough. Amusing stuff on the side too.
  • megahurt said 266 weeks ago

    Ugh. It's so rare that there is a black tee for sale here, and it's a friggin bright yellow giraffe sign?! Jeez.
  • Turn the Paige. said 266 weeks ago

    very funny salvucci.

    very funny.
  • salvucci2 said 266 weeks ago

  • image zipper

    Teevil said 266 weeks ago

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    Sorry salvucci2, but we only sell one shirt a day- we will not be selling yesterday's shirt again
  • AdderXYU said 266 weeks ago

    I forget where I saw this first (probably anothersite voting), but I've always found this to be a brilliant little humor tee. Smart and simple and creative.
  • xGreatRomances0x said 266 weeks ago

    Oh, man! I absolutely LOVE giraffes! And traffic signs! I think this might be the perfect shirt for me! :D :D :D
  • tilteed said 266 weeks ago

    If I didn't already have a shirt with a giraffe on it - I'd be all over this.
  • evilbread said 266 weeks ago

    A giraffe killed my parents with a traffic sign. NO BUY!
  • applesbananas said 266 weeks ago

    I love this shirt but I would never buy it or wear it. It reminds me of my exgirlfriend. :'(
  • Zhyd said 266 weeks ago

    Very cute concept.
  • paulkremer said 266 weeks ago

    Ha! This is brilliant! Love it! :D
  • mrwednesday said 266 weeks ago

    The shirt made me laugh but I don't like how the giraffe is overlaid on the two signs. It would be better if the top sign cut through the neck.
  • iCleanWater said 266 weeks ago

    I think I just may buy this shirt. I'm going to sleep on it, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it. I love it.
  • WonderboyAhoy said 266 weeks ago

    @mrwednesday I agree about the overlap

    @iCleanWater I think I'm going to do the same thing.
  • caeruleas said 266 weeks ago

    So, it's the design is off-center on the women's, but centered for the men's?
  • NeoAkira said 266 weeks ago

    Pretty boring shirt IMO. I really can't understand all the praise that's being sung over this.
  • lowbatterie said 266 weeks ago

    I got a good LOL out of this one. Don't think I'll buy it because I already have a lot of black shirts, but it's very cute.
  • whhiitt said 266 weeks ago

    cute. :)

  • SundayEsquire said 266 weeks ago

    I have an affinity for black tees so this, along with the simple design and giraffes being great, means that this'll be my first TeeFury purchase. :>
  • whateverschwing said 266 weeks ago

    I laughed out loud on this one too, but I don't tend to buy humor shirts or black shirts.
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