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Cinco De Teeyo


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Just in case my gorgeous self isn't enough for you tee maniacs, here's a taste of some of the other awesomes we'll be printing up this week:




Delicious, don't you agree? :D -


  • tmurch17 said 272 weeks ago

    Ser Teevil
  • StuartTheMan said 272 weeks ago

    awesome w00t
  • EricBach22 said 272 weeks ago

    Thats pretty awesome, I must say
  • nyboy1217 said 272 weeks ago

    fresh 2 DEATH!
  • Gozz said 272 weeks ago

    I laughed. Hard.
  • dartstothesea said 272 weeks ago

  • naytally said 272 weeks ago

  • SlippyBog said 272 weeks ago

    El Diablo de teefruy
  • reborn291 said 272 weeks ago

    CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!

    this is awesome so what if its on a black shirt lol
  • TSchu said 272 weeks ago

    I don't like the preview for the rest of the week... spoils some of the fun!

    I like the shirt okay though!
  • naytally said 272 weeks ago

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  • kxsoccer31 said 272 weeks ago

    my friend got a teevil shirt a little while ago. im about to break it to him that mine will be better
  • Stormink said 272 weeks ago

    Come on now Teevil, you know they don't let us buy 10... tsk tsk.

    Love the shirt! Muy Caliente!
  • Migoto said 272 weeks ago

    I'd buy it, if the international shipping wasn't almost double the price of the shirt... :(

    Also, I'd rather NOT have the preview too.
  • Eppster said 272 weeks ago

    That's hilarious! Love it.
  • Mr. Moxie said 272 weeks ago

    are shirts going to be $5 all week long?
  • AdderXYU said 272 weeks ago

    It's apparently Teevil's Spanish cousin, Malacamisa
  • Stormink said 272 weeks ago

    His Spanish cousin sure has a good name. Really nice ring to it! Malacamisa!
  • Omnitarian said 272 weeks ago

    Omnitarian's Teefury Badges
    Latest badge unlocked:
    • Arteest
    • Get off my lawn
    Oh Teefury, you so craz-eh
  • bluchez said 272 weeks ago

    I can't believe that damned immigrant stole the teefury bird's job.
  • CPUT99 said 272 weeks ago

    I'm gonna hold off on pulling the trigger on this in anticipation of the Baron Samedi-ish looking octopus dude on Thursday, or the funky faces of Friday... Hopefully onea those two will pique my interest... also, hopefully said Baron Samedi Squid dude isn't printed on that baby (barf) blue for dudes...
  • nyboy1217 said 272 weeks ago

    fix the hiccup!
  • rileyper said 272 weeks ago

    5 dollar 5 dollar 5 dollar footlong Teefury Tee Shirt

    In for 1
  • Snake201 said 272 weeks ago

    I sent an email to teefury customer service 2 weeks ago an never got a reply or anything back. If anyone from customer service read this would you please get back at me. Thank you.
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