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Consider this a love letter to everyone who complained about the missing cigarette on the gorilla shirt ;) -


  • Greenlion22 said 271 weeks ago

    Why would you bother even making a "guys" tee? I couldn't imagine wearing that.
  • Muntoe said 271 weeks ago

    This is trippin, I might have to get this! Gotta have a night to think about it though...
  • stablercake said 271 weeks ago

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    Would have TOTALLY bought this if it were just the snail. I'm not real into the Mucha lady...
  • heartluce said 271 weeks ago

    I really love your linework, Luke.
  • Palomino0220 said 271 weeks ago

    I agree 100% with Greenlion22 lol!
  • TINT said 271 weeks ago


    Think I might get my lady friend one.
  • FlashD said 271 weeks ago

    amazing artwork. good job!
  • Snp469 said 271 weeks ago

    Even though snails and slugs creep me out, I like everything about this shirt the cigarette.
  • Niwer said 271 weeks ago

    I love her, and everything she stands for.
    Whatever that is.
    Probably an auto-buy, just need to check the FederalReserve account.
  • Mr. Sweet N Awful said 271 weeks ago

    UCF Theatre Major :]

    I like your work Luke
  • Arrow said 271 weeks ago

    I like your work, and this mucha-style illo is very nice!
  • movingpangea said 271 weeks ago

    very nice! still undecided tho -- not big on pink. wish the girl's was cream instead.
  • yayzik said 271 weeks ago

    Wish the guy's came in pink. Still probably gonna get it though.
  • bluebird said 271 weeks ago

  • Silent-t said 271 weeks ago

    Holy Mucha trace-job! I love seeing art nouveau-based work, but not if I've seen the exact same thing before. Even if it was sans-snail.
  • skonen_blades said 271 weeks ago

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    I gotta side with Silent-t here. This isn't Mucha-inspired so much as it is straight-up traced.

    I love me some Mucha and I'm a huge fan of the artwork on the sidebar there but I don't think this tee design deviates enough from the work of a master to call your own. Mixing it with a snail is a nice touch but I'm not sure I think it deviates enough. My opinion. Art is subjective. If I had no idea who Mucha was, I'd probably think it was a kick-arse design.

    That robot/jukebox thing holding the tree on the sidebar there is sick! And I love that Fleetwood Mac logo.
  • SonBear said 271 weeks ago

    Great design + color scheme!
  • I45Livewithmom said 271 weeks ago

    If that is a joint in her hand, Im buying
  • Mandaz said 271 weeks ago

    I love your drawing style! The linework is fab. The awesome one on the side is my favorite :)
  • jthane said 271 weeks ago

    @ greenlion22: who cares what you think?

    i want this shirt, but i've already screwed the budget.

    except the part about this being a trace is kinda lame, but most wouldn't know.

    (draw more octopi)
  • stablercake said 271 weeks ago

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    I in fact know a lot of men who would wear that shirt.

    Buuuuuuut I DO go to art school xD
  • TheFlork said 271 weeks ago

    i do go to art school and would wear it, but not in yellow.. gross! this site shouldn't be so sexist and just make both of them pink. id wear a pink shirt and punch people in the throat.
  • notelove said 271 weeks ago

    oh man. i am in love with your style and linework as well.. but pink? :p
  • clarkneilp said 271 weeks ago

    @I45Livewithmom: I think it's a joint.
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