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Great Horned Owl


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Owls are great, but they don't tweet as much as TeeFury does :) -


  • DeltaSigChi4 said 268 weeks ago

    He's got something on his head.

  • EdwardBlake said 268 weeks ago

    A... A... OWL?

    shart! I MUST HAVE THIS.
  • lcostl1 said 268 weeks ago

    Love the shirt! And I agree, cats are awesome. Although I like dogs, I do enjoy the head butts from my cats and occasional toy mice gifts they leave in my shoes. I've often noticed that cats and owls do look alike, but as far as the shirt I love the colors and I think the brighter yellow highlights are perfectly placed.
  • BreakIntro said 268 weeks ago

    I don't like the random leafbrushes on the back.
    But the rest my man is just amazing.
  • IanVicious said 268 weeks ago

    dang... jimiyo. another awesome design.
  • darkroom13 said 268 weeks ago

    this... this is tempting....

    damn you, jimiyo, damn you.
  • Nnenene said 268 weeks ago

    Love it!

    I'm going to go broke...
  • snarkygal said 268 weeks ago

    I have reached brokeness for this month..I will have to parse on this wonderful owl.
  • whhiitt said 268 weeks ago

    i dont like the print on navy
    but its an owl
    i mean

    so buying it :)
  • matt2kool said 268 weeks ago

    owls are awesome and so is jimiyo. definitely adding this to my tee fury collection.
  • Omnitarian said 268 weeks ago

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    A curator curating another curator? Is that allowed? It seems quite meta.

    This shirt is definitely rockin'. Classic Jimiyo linework, and the colors practically burst off the shirt and swell my eyes with golden deliciousness.

    Also, a filibuster about the superiority of cats is possibly the most amusing thing ever to grace an artist interview.
  • Kelamity said 268 weeks ago

    Very Potterish.
  • pandajerk said 268 weeks ago

    This is sick
  • Rizza said 268 weeks ago

    Very cool design, if it wasn't on blue I'd buy it.
  • maph said 268 weeks ago

    Those leaf stamps are quite cheesy.
    I may still buy this though.
    Because it's OWL.
  • Chadlonius said 268 weeks ago

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    AWESEMO! I love the detail on this and I love owls as well so yeah, win win.
  • wl552 said 268 weeks ago

    I am totally digging this shirt. I wish I had 11 extra dollars, I'd order this in a NY minute.
  • AGrant311 said 268 weeks ago

    Not for sure how I feel about Jimiyo's opinion of dogs. He may have have cut off some of his doggie loving fan base who normally would have bought his shirt.
    For the record, my little guy Wiley has never peed or pooed in my bed.
  • SteveOramA said 268 weeks ago

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    haha "curated by MJ". both of you get paid!
    your military shirts crack me up.

    cool fantasy architecture owl!
  • Stexe said 268 weeks ago

    Interesting. I'd be in for one if I graduated from Temple University (their mascot is the Owl), but I just started... don't want to jinx it or anything. :-P
  • BeastPop said 268 weeks ago

    Excellent design, Jimiyo!
  • torij9 said 268 weeks ago

    Sooo...Not usually a fan of the animal shirts, but this is awesome. I might have to get it.

    Love the 'royal' feel to it.
  • lowbatterie said 268 weeks ago

    That's a really cool shirt. I'll have to sleep on it. (Hopefully I won't forget to come back to it, I really like it.)
  • Fat Possom said 268 weeks ago

    My wife is going to $hit herself over this shirt.
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